As if it’s not bad enough that a hurricane came along and messed up my city, making me unable to go home, causing us to throw out our fridge, and causing me to wear the same ill-fitting clothes for the past three and a half weeks. Now JD won Rock Star INXS.

I hate JD. I will not go see INXS in concert now. Especially if Marty opens up for them. Just blegh. Why couldn’t Suzie win? I’ll go see Suzie play. Hmmph.

In happier news…I got my wedding dress today. Altered badly, but at least it’s at my mom’s house now, not an hour away. I can put it on anytime! Of course, that’s an endeavor that takes much time and manpower, so I think I’ll save the next donning of the gown until…well, tomorrow, when I find another seamstress to fix what the last seamstress did not. Ah well.

Invitations (part deux) are almost assembled. Ready for mom to address. Woo!

Sadly, evil hurricane number two, Rita, has destroyed my plans for the weekend. I was going to Houston to see Coldplay and some friends that I haven’t seen in too long. (Regan, Alex, Mike and Debbie and their cute lil family.) Stupid Rita. But seriously, I hope it’s not too bad. Me saying “that would suck” just belittles everything, so I won’t say it (again.)

Okay, I’m off to bed now. I have to go join a gym tomorrow. Must get rid of Katrina-induced flab. (By “Katrina-induced”, I of course mean “Oreo-induced”, but I wouldn’t have eaten the Oreos had it not been for Katrina, you see.)

Edited to add: I’m in the Times-Picayune again! Woo! (Of course, it only echos what I said above about being a flabby slob.)