Pittsburgh rocks.

Back from Pittsburgh. What a wonderful city! I’m ready to move there. And once George heard that there were only 57 sunny days a year there, he started packing as well. I tell ya, those people are friendly! I mean, almost scary friendly. I thought New Orleans was a friendly town, well, it’s got nothing on Pittsburgh!

Now can I say the good news? About Kristina? Does everyone know? Okay I won’t say exactly, but let’s just say she caught the bouquet, remember? Woo hoo!!!

In other news, I am officially extending an invitation to my pity party. Today’s our one month anniversary, and I’ll be in Baton Rouge. Not New Orleans. Not with George. Sigh. But the good news is, I just talked to my boss, and he’ll let me go back to New Orleans for good this week. Yay! (But I will miss living with Granny and our endless, six-hour Scrabble tournaments. Okay, there was no Scrabble, but I’ll still miss living with her.)