Okay, I have lots of little things I can write about now.

1. They’re filming a movie in our neighborhood. The ferry is shut down for a month, but if they’ll just let me be in the movie, I’ll forgive them for that. It’s a big one too. Jerry Bruckheimer. Things get blown up. Denzel Washington stars. Really, people. Recognize my acting genius, as evidenced in Body Shop Training Video, Christmas 1997.

2. Yay for Chloe winning Project Runway! That is all.

3. What is up with the freaking Cartoon Network switching up Family Guy and Futurama every so often? And why don’t they tell the cable company so I don’t keep accidentally recording &#$%@ Futurama? I hate Futurama. Really, really, really irritates me. Angers me. Now I have to record stupid Futurama so I’ll get Family Guy. Argh.

4. We got our new wine bar from Pottery Barn. It is beautiful:

Don’t worry, we didn’t return your gift in order to get it. It was someone else’s. Ha ha, kidding. We had gift cards.

5. Yesterday I ran 4.75 miles on the treadmill. I’m starting to think about doing a marathon in the fall instead of early next year, and training on the treadmill, mostly. I know it’s a horrible idea, but I’m still thinking about it. We’ll see.

6. Did anyone watch Top Chef? It was on after the PR finale, but we watched it last night. I think I’ll like it, maybe. We’ll see. I’m glad they kicked off the biggest jerk on the first episode. The opposite of what they did with Santino. To be fair, though, the guy on Top Chef sucked, and at least Santino had some talent.

Okay, that’s enough for today!