Well, at first I wasn’t going to post again, in disgust over my lack of comments on my last post. But then today, there were a few. Finally. And then I thought, am I writing this for me, or other people? Am I writing this just so people will comment on my life? Or so I can document it, and go back in twenty years and show our kids just how cool mom used to be. Ha ha! Clearly, it should be the latter. It used to be that I didn’t even have comments on my blog! So I need to stop worrying about if my readers (ie, Chris, Ren, Paula, Mike, my sister and my mom) are reading this.

Today I’m getting a haircut. I used to be able to go six months between haircuts. Now, two months is waaaay too long. But oh well. I’m going shorter again. My current haircut is driving me crazy. Just needs to be closer to one length. We’ll see. I’m making George take me out tonight in honor of a) four month anniversary and b) can’t waste a new haircut.

Baltimore Marathon. Yes. I might be crazy for wanting to train (at least mostly) on a treadmill. It could be the greatest test of my will (and iPod) ever. We’ll see. It’s really more a matter of money at this point than anything else. Flying to Baltimore, buying new running shoes, marathon entry fee. Garage sale on April 1! Must sell lots.

Hey, isn’t a new Morrissey album coming out? I hope it’s not out. If it is out already, I should be v ashamed of myself. What kind of fan am I?


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