Boy or girl?

Today is so terribly exciting! Maybe I’m a little more excited than the situation warrants, but who cares! Today Polly and Colin are finding out what kind of baby they’re having. Okay, well, human, we know. But is it going to be a snakes and snails or a sugar and spice baby?!?

(My vote is for boy. Everyone else says girl. I don’t really care if I’m right or wrong. Right is good because, hey, I’m right! And I can gloat! Wrong is good because then they’re having a cute little girl, and let’s face it…girls rule! And have cuter clothes. Sorry boys.)

Today is also exciting because I have my second appointment with my personal trainer, who is evil, but in a good way. The scary part is that I have another appointment on Thursday. Not sure how I’m going to be able to exercise again when I can’t move. It’ll be a challenge, for sure. And even better…I have a fourth appointment on Sunday. Yow.