So, last night George and I went to eat at the Palace Cafe.

We decided to go because they have a special summer menu. $25 for three courses. I had a blue cheese salad with roasted peaches and almonds and fresh blueberries. For an entree I had the most delicious pork porterhouse, whatever that means. It was paired with sweet potatoes and some other yumminess I couldn’t describe. For dessert, white chocolate bread pudding. And I ate all of it. Yeeeah!

George had some turtle soup to start (god only knows how, it was so hot outside. No way was I eating soup!), rotisserie chicken for an entree, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. All yummy.

Since our meals were so inexpensive, I had no qualms about ordering a glass of wine with dinner. When the waiter came to take our drink orders, George ordered a gin martini. Fine. I say “a glass of Chardonnay.” The waiter says, “oh, do you just want the Blahblah?” and I, assuming (because of the word “just”?!?) that this is the house wine. The house wine that is $5 a glass.

Ummm, no.

I ended up having two glasses. Of the most expensive wine on the menu.

Thirteen dollars a glass.

Thank GOD I didn’t have a third glass. Twenty six dollars is at least (at least!) three bottles of wine for me. Yes, of course wine is marked up higher in a restaurant. But I would never spend thirteen dollars a glass on wine, not when there’s perfectly good wine for $5 a glass.

In the end, we laughed. It was my own fault for not specifically ordering the house wine. Or for not looking at the wine menu. But I still think that’s pretty jerky of the wine waiter for doing that. I definitely think he thought we were tourists. Jerk. Jerky McJerkerson.

Ah well. It was good wine.

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  1. nuje

    That happened to Deb and I in N.O. We each ordered some kind of drink and the waiter said “do you just want the blah blah blah?” We said yes. Dude brought us each a drink that is usually for four people. F’n things cost $18 each. I immediately got up from the table and kicked dude squarely in the package!**and by that I mean, drank some of our drinks, paid our bill and left. 😦


  2. pam

    cursed new orleans evil waiters who try to screw you over!where was your fun experience? so i can kick them in the package for you. (by that i mean, glare at them when they’re not looking.)


  3. chris

    what? that’s insane. was it a good chardonnay? we did the same thing at a restaurant in dc last night. and, man, the drinks KILL you on the check! ouch!


  4. Anonymous

    Happened to us too at another BRENNANS restaurant! Do they train their waiters to purposely screw you? Was very very very angry!Kettie


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