Thank you, Kettie. There wasn’t gonna be any more posting by me until someone acknowledged the excitement of it all.

Now, what else is exciting?

Ummm…a three day weekend coming up? Saturday is Ren’s daughter’s second birthday party, and I’ll get to see Laurie and James and Elliot again! V v v exciting. Then I’m going to have dinner with my cousin Monica and her son Max! Haven’t seen them in ages, so also v exciting. Max is three now! I just hope he doesn’t freak out and cry when he sees me. This is usually what happens, because he associates me with mom and dad leaving. Not good.

Sunday will be another trip across the causeway for another party by another one of Ren’s family members. It’s an end of summer “white party” and no, it’s not racist. Yeesh. You wear white. I don’t know what I’m going to wear. Hmmm.

Monday? No plans. Relaxation is the plan. Woo!

3 thoughts on “08/30/06

  1. chris

    it’s a shame you returned that lacy white number you had planned to wear after the wedding. it would have been the perfect attire for an “end of summer” white party. harhar! i’m funny!


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