32 years old!

HB to meeeeeee!

Don’t you think you should automatically get a day off when it’s your birthday? Like a free holiday? I do too. Hmmph. Oh well. Ren and Gary are coming to have lunch with me today. That’ll be fun. We are going to have sushi, and maybe Gary will get a pina colada again. Nothing says “raw fish” like a pina colada. Or nothing says “pina colada” like raw fish. Something like that.

Went to the beach last weekend. It was so fun and relaxing. Hope to do it again soon.

Tonight George is taking me to Galatoire’s for dinner. I have never been. I am v excited to go. That thing we call “Weight Watchers” and “points” do not exist tonight, though I will go to the gym after work and will count points during the day to attempt to minimize the gain. Because by golly, I will eat the hollandaise sauce!

Okay, must get ready for work now….boo!

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