December 21, 2007

Just want to post a quick thanks to everyone for all of the gifts we’ve received for the boys. It’s like Christmas here! Heh. But seriously, it’s so overwhelming, and I can’t say when I’ll have the time or energy for the thank you cards that we owe to so many of you. Please believe we are extremely grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Now for the fun part of the post…

In light of the fact that we now have all three babies home, I think it’s time to go over the new rules of the house. This is going to sound harsh to some of you, but we have only one thing in mind with these rules: the health of the boys. Please don’t take personal offense at any of these rules, they have NOTHING to do with anyone personally, they are meant to keep the boys out of the hospital. They’re preemies, and the usual rules about babies don’t apply to them. If you don’t believe me, watch this video. About 6 minutes in, you’ll see why they’re so important.

1. If you’ve been sick within the past ten days, you cannot visit.
2. If you’ve been around children who have been sick in the past ten days, you cannot visit.
3. You must wash your hands and use hand sanitizer before being around the babies.
4. Children are not allowed to handle the babies.
5. You must have your flu shot before you can touch the babies.

Sound harsh? It’s not meant to be, we’re just trying to save our babies from going back into the hospital. It’s only until the end of RSV season, which is the end of March here. So it’s not forever, and let’s face it, they won’t really be too fun until then anyway, right? In the immortal words of Angelina Jolie, they’re really just “blobs” right now. 🙂 (Really cute blobs, I’ll admit…)

Anyway, I’ll try to post pics and videos as much as I can in the meantime…

6 thoughts on “December 21, 2007

  1. Brandi

    Oh, that video is so sad…. I’m at a loss for words. After having our own bout with RSV this year, it hits a little close to home at what could have happened. It makes me feel lucky to have a healthy baby.In other news… I love the Christmas stocking picture!!! How cute! I think its so awesome that you’ve got all of them home for Christmas. Did you even imagine that would happen?


  2. amber

    good for you! i used to work intimately with flu and rsv surveillance and wanted to say that you’re absolutely doing the right thing for your babies. and if anyone gives you a hard time, give ’em hell. :)congrats on them all being home now too!


  3. Searching

    What a good mommy! Buy stock in Purell. :)I have to say, do everything you can to keep RSV away. You will be a hermit for a few months, but you will have 3 babies at the end of it. Totally worth it. We have a kiddo who is sooooo sick from RSV right he might die. He nearly did the last two nights and gave us all a heart attack. He’s a term kid and a couple months old too, so not just a preemie thing. Let me know if you need me to scare the bajeebees out of anybody who thinks your rules are too mean.


  4. Anonymous

    Your babies Pam, your rules, my daughter-in-law did the same thing when their baby was born, and the baby was full term. The first few months are tough on everyone with a new baby. Visitors need to put the needs of the newborn(s) first and if those who wish to visit feel offended – they need to get a life. These little guys are your babies – and you, mother tiger – make the rules. I live far far away and will not be visiting – but if I lived close, I would buy myself some scrubs and a face mask and sanitize myself before I came to visit! Dead Runner in MA


  5. Joy

    Looks like we are doing the same thing in more than one way…feeding at the same time and isolating our little ones during RSV season! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is laying down the law, but like you said its best for our little ones!!! They came in to this world so healthy and it seems to me we should do everything in our power to keep it that way. Here’s to a healthy winter! Have a great Christmas!


  6. mandi

    Good job Pam, I am the same way with Noah and he was term too! the last thing you want is them getting sick. Oh and the boys looks so adorable in their stocking.


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