Update on the boys

I’m a bit behind on this post, but oh well.

My mom and I took the boys to the pediatrician on Thursday. No real reason, just a little check up.

I’m glad we took them, otherwise we wouldn’t know what little piglets we have here!

At five weeks, two days old, the boys weights are:

Linus: 8 lbs, 3 oz
Oliver: 8 lbs, 10 oz
Miles: 7 lbs, 15.5 oz (oh so close!!!)

They’re officially “on the charts” now, not even for their adjusted age! So if they were normal, full-term babies at 5 weeks old, they’d be in the 5-25th percentile for their weights, heights, and head circumferences. (You can guess who the 25th percentile dude is.) So proud of my little chunky men.

Other good news is that Linus does not have a milk allergy as we were slightly worried about. Whew!

Hmmm. I had a great birthday, did I already mention that? We saw Walk Hard, which was funny, but I don’t know – I’d save it for when it comes out on DVD. The sushi was delicious (come to mama, raw fish!) and words cannot describe the joy I experienced while sipping my frozen daiquiri. Hee hee! Is that worrisome? Heh.

I also got some awesome birthday gifts. George gave me a beautiful ring that I sort of hinted heavily about (okay, I sent him the link) that symbolizes the boys:

My new ring

Note how the middle stone (all blue topaz, that’s their birthstone) is slightly bigger? Just like our middle boy, Oliver! Heh.

And Kristina sent me a gift box of yummy goodies – including some pregnancy-forbidden blue cheese. Mmmm… And my brother and SIL sent a gift box called the “Midnight Feeding Box” full of bread and cheese and salami and coffee cake and honey and peanut butter and chocolate. Holy yummy!

I didn’t mean to forget the gift my in-laws gave me, too. This beautiful pendant that looks a lot like this but with three babies, not one! How perfect, eh?

This week will be exciting – Aunt Jenny’s coming to visit the boys! And take over the night time feedings so I can sleep! Okay, maybe she doesn’t know that yet. I hope she bought a non-refundable ticket. Heh.

And, pics, because it’d be mean of me to post without pics, right? I call this one “Daddy licks a baby”.

Okay, that’s all I got for now…

6 thoughts on “Update on the boys

  1. Cindy & Brian

    I Love that ring! Its just so beautiful :)And how exciting you get some help and get to sleep a bit more! I’ve got no babies at home yet but I wish someone could come do my nightime pumpings for me – but wait…that wouldnt work too well. heh – nevermind! Your boys are SUPER squishy cute – I love the pic!


  2. Chrissie

    Great news on the boys weight checks. They are getting so big and are so adorable, or should I say edible…obviously their daddy thinks so. Have you received the test back that was going to determine if the are identical?Www.heart4malawi.blogspot.com


  3. mrsgingergrl

    The boys look great – they’re so BIG already! And I love that ring. I’m glad you’re doing so well.


  4. Karen

    OMG they are HUGE! Ellie isn’t even that big yet and she’s FOUR MONTHS OLD! (she was 7 pounds 7 ounces two weeks ago)Your boys are absolutely adorable!


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