The babies meet Max

Two entries in one day! But I have to share a few pictures…

Me and the boys! I take all the pictures, so I have very few of me with the boys. Thanks for taking this, Monica!

My cousin Monica, her son Max, and Linus:

Sleeping babies…oh, heaven!

And, for the record…Oliver smiled at me today! That was my first real smile directed at just me, from any of the boys. Yes, my heart melted into a pile of goo. It’s true.

12 thoughts on “The babies meet Max

  1. steffie

    Yeah! My kiddos started smiling for real last week. I spend my days with a HUGE smile on my face and a funny voice trying to make them smile more. It’s the most amazing thing ever, huh? It seems like this week they are smiling and cooing even more. Things are getting so fun around our house…


  2. marciesteeves

    Hi Pam!Your boys are adorable. Someday, since your 3 boys are almost the same age as my 3 girls, they’ll have to triple-date.–Marcie


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