First swing!





And look, I found these pictures my cousin took when the boys were teeny. This is Miles. I’m just blown away. I think he was 6 days old here. I mean, look at my hand compared to him. Geez!!!

11 thoughts on “First swing!

  1. Karina

    Love these photos! And others! Love your whole blog and the way you write about your life! I started reading you on Monday and by 12pm today read almost your entire blog. I’m 16 weeks with trips so almost exactly where you were last year with your trio. It’s funny to read what you’ve been up to on August 8, 2007, etc. Among all the trips blogs, I like about you that you write with humor, have a LIFE and interests outside your kids, have a great taste (graphics, room, great photos) and just seem … normal. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it coming.
    I do have a question – how long did you use the triple frame stroller? I live in Milwaukee, WI so for the first 5 months it’s going to be very cold and we won’t be going outside that much. I am just wondering if it’s even worth it to buy it or better got for a stroller where they can sit up.


  2. Mel

    Love the pictures! So cute!!! I can’t believe how fast it goes by. It feels like yesterday when I was on bed rest reading about your boys flipping over. Now mine are doing it and yours are crawling. Blink and they’ll all be off to college.



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