Weekend recap

Fun weekend. Tiring.

Friday night, the boys spent the night at George’s parents’ house, while we went to the pub to see our friends’ band. George joked that I had to stay out til 3 am. I responded with an eye roll and “there’s no way in HELL I can stay up that late.” Well, the joke was on me, because we left the pub shortly after, yes, 3 a.m. Woo! Haven’t done that in a while! It was v fun. And all the better because I was able to sleep until noon on Saturday. Heh.

Went to the gym after that, and then we went to pick up the boys. Awww, I missed them after just 24 hours! They’re at such a fun age, I hate to miss any of it. Well, except the cranky parts. I don’t mind missing that too much. Hmm.

Saturday evening, we went and had sloppy joes with friends, and then brought the boys home. It was nice because it felt like Sunday, but we still had another weekend day left!

My mom came in yesterday, and we took the boys to the mall. Just like males everywhere, the mall made them pretty cranky. But also like men everywhere, we dragged them from store to store and shopped anyway. You think they’d be happy, they got most of the loot! Grandee bought them some clothes, some toys, and some foam mats to go in their new playroom. I got some new mugs (one of which I broke shortly after getting it home, arrrgh) and some hand soap. Hand soap may not sound exciting, but it’s the foaming stuff from Bath & Body Works which I love.

my mug. well, not MY mug. but one just like it. the unbroken one, anyway.
new mug

Okay, so here are some cute pictures of the boys…

Linus, upon waking:

Linus (foreground) and Oliver:

Miles is MAD. Very MAD.

The whole family. It’s hard to hold wiggling babies. Nice diaper, Miles.

And here’s a lil’ video, click here.

10 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. katie

    I love sloppy joes. I’ve never met anyone else that has had those…so yummy and very easy. Must be a southern thing?

    love the fam pic…even with wiggling babies…lol


  2. Amy H

    Love the recap. Love the pictures. Love the video. Not too fond of you…SHOW OFF! =) Just kidding. I’m just jealous that you a) got to go out & b) have your act together and are blogging about it! I’m floundering…FLOUNDERING!


  3. AmberJane

    Good for you for being a night owl!! We’re going out to dinner with friends on Sunday Night and I have a feeling it might be a late night. Not 3AM late, but late nonetheless considering it is a school night!!


  4. rachael

    ok…3am? you are insane!

    i can’t get videos to work todat for some reason, but the picture are adorable! i love the one of all 5 of you…so cute!


  5. Christy

    Wow, I can’t imagine staying up past 11pm let alone 3am…way to go! Love the crying picture, those are often my favorites.
    I second the foaming hand wash from B&B I love the stuff too.


  6. Dr.L

    Totally off-topic comment here. I saw a link to your blog on the Nest, and I became totally fascinated. Read the whole thing back to front. I may not have a kid named Linus, but you did get engaged on my birthday (11/13), and you went to school in Natchitoches, where my grandfather grew up.

    Tres cool…


  7. Linda

    They have the most beautiful eyes….you can really see up close! Sounds like a fun night out! 3am….last time I saw that was when Amelia was still waking for a bottle! lol


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