Home sweet home

Well, yesterday we made it back home. Thank GOD! Baton Rouge was pretty bad. No power anywhere, it was hot, humid, rainy, blech. It’s one thing to deal with that when it’s just you and other adults, but with three babies…no thank you. They were not happy to sleep in a hot room at night.

Turns out we evacuated to a place that was hit a lot harder than our home. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20, blah blah blah. We never even lost power at our house! So as soon as we were able to get back, we left. But not after, oh, spending three hours in line for gas…and leaving without getting any. Fortunately, I had enough to get home.

George emptied the fridge and freezer (to avoid a repeat of the Katrina fridge fun – but hey, we did get a new fridge out of it!) so we have nothing to eat but canned goods and animal crackers (don’t worry, the babies have lots of food and formula and stuff) until the grocery stores open. I wish I’d stocked up on chef boyardee before we left…all we have is baked beans and cream of mushroom soup. Blech!

Anyway, just wanted to post and say we’re safe and sound. Later, I’ll post pictures and videos from our excitement. 😛

11 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. katie

    oh pam, I was so worried about you guys. I was telling my mom about ya’ll. she grew up in new orleans and always gets so worried about all her friends/family there.

    glad to hear you guys made it back safe and sound.


  2. Monica

    Oh I am glad that you posted – I was worried about you. Glad that were able to make it home. I hope the grocery stores open soon so you can eat.


  3. Mel

    Glad you are home and made it through the storm. Hope the stores open soon so you’re not stuck eating too much *tasty* canned food!



  4. Amy H

    Welcome home! As frustrating as it was going from the frying pan to the fire, at least it was good practice. And think of it this way, it’ll only get easier!


  5. Marcie

    I’m so glad you’re all home safe and sound! I can’t imagine having move everyone around like that. I hope you get some real, non-canned food soon!


  6. steffie

    Funny enough, I was thinking about ya’ll and wondering if you evacuated. I can’t imagine having to get anywhere quickly with 3 infants. I’m glad all is well…AND…Happy 9 months! It’s getting so much fun, isn’t it?


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