9 months (and one day) old!

9 months old!

12 thoughts on “9 months (and one day) old!

  1. Pam

    Wow they look just a like! I know they are identical, but I just don’t know how you do it! It’s amazing. They are just precious! Enjoy every minute, and I’m glad you are home safely. There’s no place like home. A friend in East Texas, Pam.


  2. kelly

    Almost ONE!! woohoo. They are seriously cute. Question, what is your Linus’ middle name? My son has two. Alexander Euclid.
    Just curious. ( :


  3. Marie

    SOOOOO CUTE! As I’ve told you before..l’m so JEALOUS that you can get such great pictures of all 3 at once. It’s pulling teeth at my house when I try with all 3 girls. I have no idea how you tell them apart. I keep trying, but I’d have no clue if you didn’t put their names below. Yea-9 Months!!!


  4. Misty

    THey are sooo cute!!!! I have 4 older ladies for them…….
    I’m glad you got back ok. Alot of my family in the BR area are saying how rough it is.
    Happy 9months!
    MOM to GGGG quads


  5. Robert

    I’ll be greedy (go figure) and say thank you for a great late birthday present- sorry I missed you and the boys during all of this Gustav mess Labor Day weekend. Love the pacifier video as well…


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