Sorry, Texas, but I can’t help but be happy that Ike isn’t headed our way. It sucks that hurricanes have to go somewhere, so while you’re wishing it away from you, you’re only asking other people to be in its path. My apologies.

But Ike heading away from us means that Kristina gets to come here tomorrow as planned! Ren’s baby Chloe is being christened this weekend, and Kristina’s her godmother. We also have Chloe’s big sister’s birthday party on Saturday, which means cake! Yum! I do love cake. To put it mildly.

Kristina, being a glutton for punishment, asked if she could keep one baby on Friday while the other two are at daycare and I’m at work. Awww!

Based on this picture, I’ll bet it won’t be Oliver…

But then again, based on this picture, maybe it will be:
Oliver and his bling

We’ll see…

7 thoughts on “Woo!

  1. Robert

    Totally off subject, but I was looking at the pacifier pictures, and can someone please explain to me why pacifiers no longer have backs to them. It seems weird to me to see that open hole leading to the baby’s mouth like that. Any ideas?


  2. pyjammy

    most pacifiers do – these are just the ones the boys like the most. when they were in the hospital, that’s the kind they were given. these are just one piece of molded silicone, and they seem a bit firmer than the other kind of pacifiers.

    i know, they look weird. for sure.


  3. Robert

    Thanks cousins for the enlightenment. Just got back into the house last night, sorry Texas, but glad Ike is not coming here (for the most part).


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