First haircut!

So my mom and Larry and I took the boys for their first haircut this weekend. It’s debatable whether they actually really really needed it, but their hair was getting scraggly, so why not? The boys, surprisingly, didn’t cry or anything. We took them to a children’s salon in Baton Rouge and so Oliver got to sit in a fire truck, and Linus and Miles sat in Lightning McQueen. The buttons on the steering wheels combined with tvs at every station meant they were transfixed and barely noticed they were getting a haircut. Whew!

And so now for some befores and afters…

Oliver before:


Oliver after:

Miles before:



Miles after:

Linus before:

Linus after:

I know, not a dramatic difference, but it’s definitely neater. Thank goodness they don’t look like big boys just yet. Still babyish.


8 thoughts on “First haircut!

  1. Carla

    Overwhelming cuteness. My daughter is 12 months and I cant bring myself to get her hair cut, (even though my mum tells me its blinding her), am somewhat reassured by seeing it didnt de-baby your boys. They’re adorable.


  2. Kris

    Pam, thanks for the shout out and I love the new haircuts! They look great! I wish we knew of a place around here like that to get haircuts – looks like tons of fun.


  3. Hadley

    They look so handsome! We went to Belles and Beaus too – they’re so nice there, aren’t they? Gorgeous boys!


  4. Shelly

    What salon did you go to? I just moved to BR and am looking for a nice place to have my little boy’s first haircut. Thanks!


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