So I had a fun weekend with the boys. We went to Baton Rouge. I hung out with my cousins. (My baby cousin Molly has this gorgeous condo that I’m thinking of moving into. Maybe we can be squatters. She works a lot. She might not even notice. Yeah!)

We went to a baby shower for a high school friend who’s having twins. The boys were pretty well-behaved. We went with Ren, who kept them quiet by feeding them petit fours. Miles walked up to a group of older ladies, stood around with them while they chatted, then raised him arms up, demanding to be picked up. Of course he was indulged. How could one resist? (I suspect the fact that they were standing near the petit four tray had something to do with his desire to be picked up.)

But mostly, we hung out at Grandee and Larry’s house. It’s loads of fun for babies.

They loved standing at the backdoor waiting for Larry’s dog Snoopy to come by. (Yes, Linus and Snoopy. V cute, yes?) Then they’d either yell ‘CAT CAT CAT CAT!!!!” or “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUAAAACK!!!” at her.

And then Linus got her!

Running around the backyard

Sweet Oliver

Grandee, can we go outsiiiiiide??

Grandee also has a nice kitchen with lots of drawers in which to smush our fingers:

Now, off the subject. Anyone have any suggestions for recipes? Things that are easy and inexpensive to make? That the boys might eat? That don’t have celery in them? I need to branch out.

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  1. Emily

    I have only one 19 month old be will eat the following…
    -Tuna noodle caserole with green pees…basic directions are cook any noodle you want, mix with cream of mushroom soup, some water, some pees, some tuna, and back for a few minutes.
    -Chicken pot pie…basic directions, cook chicken then dice or pull, mix with cream of anything soup, milk, frozen, fresh or canned, veggies, spread mixture in a baking dish and cover with homemade biscuit topping with bicquick and milk, bake until biscuit is golden brown
    -Taco meat with hidden ground up carrots
    -cheese and sneaky bits of brocolli quesadillas
    -Sausage patties are always a huge hit


  2. Grandee

    I like Emily’s pot pie, made it last night with left over chicken. Easy and great with cranberry sauce.
    Chicken Pot Pie
    Prep/Cook: 10 minutes or less
    Bake: 20 minutes at 400


    2 cups cooked chicken – cut in bite size pieces
    1 can (about 15 oz.) Veg-All OR other mixed vegetables
    1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup

    Mix together – place in casserole and top with
    bisquick mixture

    1 cup bisquick mixed with 1/2 cup milk – spread on top and bake for 20 minutes.


  3. Sarah

    I am soooo jealous that you all get to wear shorts!!! We’re still wearing gloves up here.

    As for recipes – Elio’s frozen pizza. My girls LOVE it.


  4. Hadley

    Oh drat! I totally forgot to tell you that yes, we’d be home this weekend…. Well, surely we’ll see you again soon, and it looks like you had a busy weekend anyway!

    Um, recipes? Does throwing a sweet potato in the microwave and then cutting it into little french-fry strips count as a recipe? How ’bout scrambled eggs and cheese in a tortilla (whole wheat, of course)? How ’bout anything in a tortilla? =)


  5. Lani Lyons

    I am so going to use some of these suggestions for recipes? I have so much trouble figuring out what to feed mine! They are ridiculously picky. (well, the boys are anyway, Lily will eat anything, like her mommy:)
    Sometimes I look at your pics of the boys and certain angles, they look just like Cameron:)


  6. Kelly

    Do the boys like cheese? I have 20 month old twins that are very picky eaters. They do love cheese though. I have a quesadilla maker that is very quick. I hide vegetables in cheese quesadillas and they love them.


  7. Marcie

    My girls love anything with sweet potatoes. Sometimes I make mashed sweet potatoes (sometimes I even throw in tofu of chickpeas for protein) and then make little potato pancakes out of them.

    Chicken nuggets are easy- cut up chicken into cubes, dip in beaten eggs, then dip in a mixture of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, and bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes. Quick, cheap, healthy. Even my happy-meal-loving husband admits they’re tasty.


  8. Chris

    OMG. It’s so cute to see the boys standing and walking around in the photos.

    And, it was so nice of you to leave town allowing George to watch the frakktacular finale of BSG in quiet solitude! =)


  9. Kesler Crew

    My boys LOVE my chicken casserole. You just boil a couple of boneless/skinless chicken breast in water until done. Let them cool and then dice them up into small pieces. Mix 2 cans cream of chicken with 1 small container of sour cream, add in your diced chicken. Pour all of that into a casserole baking dish. Top with crumbled ritz crackers or bread crumbs put a little butter on top. Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes.

    They also loved scrambled eggs with cheese!

    I’m going to try that tuna casserole today – yum!


  10. Angie

    Your boys are so cute it hurts. My baby boy is the same age- I can’t imagine 3 of them. His favorite thing is throwing food off his high chair- ugh. He loves eggs- as does his sis. We make omlets- so can slip some finely diced veggies in there- and quiche, of course.

    Also- we do that pot pie in the crock pot- can cook frozern chicken breasts that way. We put pillsbury biscuits on top at the end.


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