Little Picassos

Well, two anyway.

Yesterday when I went to pick up the boys from daycare, I was happily surprised to see that they’d done their first artwork! They did fingerpainting on half the page, then it was folded in half to do a mirror image (and presumably blot up some of the excess paint applied by the overexuberant artists.)

Oliver was relatively restrained:

Miles went all out:

And Linus…well, Linus:



17 thoughts on “Little Picassos

  1. TOO CUTE! You need to put those in a triple frame and hang them on a wall. They are absolute “classics”!


  2. Too cute! What an awesome thing to save and show them later! I’m scared to try finger paints, my kids are still obsessed with putting things in their mouths..


  3. Your boys are precious! (I found your site via Smitten Kitchen.) The fingerpainting brings back memories of my oldest child (and only boy) who is now 13 years old! How time flies…


  4. So stinkin funny! And I love how one commenter said they could see a dog in Miles’ painting. Now I’m laughing harder. Oh, this was fun!


  5. So cute! I think that Miles’ painting looks like Jesus, with an elaborate mustache. Yes, I think that you need to call the National Enquirer and sell a copy of that on ebay! If people can sell toast that looks like Jesus, you can sell a 15 month old child’s painting. He is a genius!


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