Ahhh, boys….

And so it begins…life with boys…

From an email I sent George yesterday, after getting a call from their teacher (Barbie) at daycare.

barbie called. linus and oliver got into fisticuffs at school over the cozy coupe. linus carjacked oliver, oliver got bump on head. linus was removed from car (as punishment), threw a hissy fit, and scratched forehead.

No doubt Miles was off to the side, orchestrating the whole thing.

To illustrate the story, here is a picture from St. Patrick’s Day at the park with a different Cozy Coupe.

Then and now

There’s not a whole lot exciting going on now, but I imagine Ren’s tired of looking at herself at the top of my blog, so I’d better post again. I thought I’d post some pictures from one year ago. I often think how much our life has changed in a year, so now I want to look at photographic evidence.

But why just go back one year? Let’s go back a few!

April 27, 2006…prom! (Okay, not really. I’m older than that! We had a prom at the pub. Hee hee! I got my dress at the thrift store. Dreamy!)

Hard to see here, but George had a powder-blue suit. Nice!

April 21, 2007 (the closest I have to two years ago): George holding Amelia! Little did he know that about eight months later, he’d be holding three of these…

Note the terror on his face. Ha ha ha!

(About three weeks later, I got a positive pregnancy test.)

April 21, 2008 – The boys, 4.5 months old. Ack! So tiny!

And here we are, in 2009:
(April 23, to be exact)

And just for funsies, here is the fun turkey-dog-spaghetti hybrid I made for the boys…

Oliver was not so sure about them:


All about Ren

Today’s post is going to be a little different. It’s not going to be about the boys, it’s going to be about my dear friend Ren. She’s going through a little rough patch right now, and I want everyone to know how awesome she is. And I want her to realize it.

Do you know Ren? If not, meet Ren…

(That’s Ren on the right, by the way. Chloe, my future daughter-in-law, is on the left.)

I’ve known Ren since 1991. Or was is 1990? In any case, a long time. (Oh man, I feel old now.) I can remember the exact moment we met, too. It was Interview/Audition Weekend at Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. We were both trying to get in, and we started talking while washing our hands in the bathroom.

I was so glad that a few months later, when school started, to see Ren around. Of course, then, she was Katherine. But I haven’t called her that in years. Renny is more like it.

Here are things I love about Renny:
– her beautiful golden curls. In class, I would sit behind her and pull on them and *bo-i-i-i-ng* they’d spring back. She claimed to covet my long, straight brown hair, but why? She was very dismayed when I got a perm senior year. Well, I was just trying to have hair like hers! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that, so yeah, not a great decision on my part.

– her generosity. Okay, so I had this cat, right? Named Derkins (after Suzy Derkins from Calvin + Hobbes.) I got Derkins in about 1995. Ren and I were roommates in 1996-97, and when I went off to London for six months, she took care of Derkins for me.

Fast forward 12 years, and she still has Derkins. I’m pretty sure Derkins recognized who was the better mama.

She also brings us the most delicious food in times of need (when the boys were born, for instance. Never mind she had a baby only a month older than them!) Mmmm. Yum.

– her sense of humor. She threw me and our friend Kristie a surprise Armed Forces Day party one year. (It sucks that so much of our history is pre-digital-camera. I’m going to have to dig out some old pics and scan them.)

– she WROTE A BOOK! And got a fancy New York City agent because of that book! Life got in the way of it getting published, but I’ve read it, and I promise, it’s awesome. One day it will get published.

– she is an awesome mama. She doesn’t stress about things, and whenever I have baby questions, I always call her first. I want to be the kind of mom she is – goes with the flow, lets her kids be themselves and is just generally pretty zen about everything. This has resulted in two awesome little girls that are going to grow up to be amazing women. (And at least one of which, as mentioned before, will marry one of my boys. It’s GOT to happen! How cool would that be? Hee!)

(From the looks of this, it’ll probably be Miles.)

(or maybe Linus)

– she loves my boys. Whenever we go out with them, she likes to pretend they’re hers. (And let’s face it, they look more like her than me!) I’ve got to stop answering peoples’ questions for her, though. It ruins the game. Heh.

Oh, this is too hard. I keep remembering all of our stories. Like…

– Our time living together. That was fun. She put up with my messiness. I was so groggy in the mornings before class, I would make coffee but forget to put the coffee pot underneath. Oops! (I still get teased for that!)
– Visiting her (and some other friends) in London when she had her 6-month stint there.
– Visiting her in Natchitoches when she was in college there.
– Environmental Issues class in high school and the video we made. It involved an interpretive dance about billboards on the interstate, set to “Rump Shaker”. (No, I don’t remember what grade we got for that!)
– Working at Daiquiri Cafe together (which, unfortunately, ended badly for her, getting robbed and locked in the cooler. Hmm. And I got her that job. Hmm. I didn’t say they were all good memories!)
– Being pregnant together.

Here she is in the middle at 32 weeks pregnant, looking much tinier than I was at 24 weeks. Oh yeah. I had three. Ha.

Oh, there is so much more. Almost 20 years of memories. I was so happy when she moved back to Louisiana after being in Virginia for a few years.

Anyway, I could go on and on. But tomorrow is Ren’s birthday, so if you know Ren, leave her a birthday message!

Busy weekend!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy! Kristina was visiting from Wednesday – yesterday, so there was lots of stuff to do, not much time to write about it. We went to the zoo and the park on Saturday, then French Quarter Fest on Sunday. All fun, all exhausting.

Other stuff…

– Got the boys harnesses so at some point in the far-off future, we can go places and they can walk. I just figured I would get them used to wearing them. They’re animal backpacks, and the (detachable) tail is the “leash” (ha ha!) They loooove the animals, but being on the leash part? Not so much. It’s pretty funny. ๐Ÿ˜›

Miles with his monkey. And you know what I love about this picture? I don’t know that it’s Miles because of what he’s wearing, but I just know it’s Miles! I’m getting really good at telling them apart. ๐Ÿ™‚

Miles holding the tail while Linus wears it:

A few pictures…

At the park. We just let them run. Oliver had a little ball that he would throw…then run and pick up. Then throw…then run and pick up. Over and over and over again. It was v cute how single-minded he was in his task. In this picture, it looks like Miles (in orange) is about to intercept the ball. Uh oh!

At French Quarter Fest, someone kindly retrieved the ball for Linus. Hee!

And some cute videos…

Dang, they’re cute!

I can’t help it. The boys, they’re being so darn cute lately. Here are some pictures I took yesterday of them being all cute ‘n’ stuff.

Sitting at their new table for dinner. Hoping the high chairs are on their way out….

Easter weekend

My friend Erin and I took the boys across the river to the expo for the Crescent City Classic 10K race we were doing on Saturday. We brought them in the triple jogger, because I thought it’d be good practice. Yeah. Look, I know it’s a wide stroller, but turns out it’s just a little too wide for things like, oh, the ramp leaving the ferry terminal and most of the elevators at the Hilton. So we had some comical moments dealing with that.

But it all worked out okay and we got our numbers for the race.

After I got home, we loaded the boys in the van and I headed across the lake to hang out with my friend Ren.ย ย  Halfway across the Causeway (the 23 mile bridge that connects New Orleans to the North Shore area) I realized I forgot to bring any strollers or any sort of baby-transport device. Whoops!

So we took the boys to Chick-fil-a for lunch. It went pretty well. We ran into one of our RAs from high school, which was weird. But the boys behaved and ate pretty well. That place was packed. For a Friday in a very Catholic area, there were lots of people eating non-fish meals!

After lunch, we went to this new park that had recently opened. Clearly, though, it was not meant for little kids. There were tons of cool things to play on, but the whole playground was sand. Ick. And the baby swings were really weird. But we found a little gazebo that the boys could play in and we could stay out of the sun. (Left my camera at home, too bad. The boys were being pretty cute.)

Then we had to go to the Toyota dealership so I could pick up another key fob for the van. Fascinating stuff. At least the dealership had a cool play area for the kids. Best part is, they washed the van for me! Awesome. First time it’s been washed in…a really long time. Shiny!

After going back to Ren’s house, where she fed the boys (yay), we headed back home, and they went to bed.

Up bright ‘n’ early for the race. Headed to the start line. Started. Walked. For 2 hours and 30 seconds. It was harder than I expected, being out of training. And we couldn’t go very fast. There were so many people (20k!) and the stroller would’ve bulldozed people down if we’d tried to run with it. Oh well, it was fun. Except that Linus and Miles were not happy. Oliver was fine, he just sat and watched. But the other two squirmed and whined and cried almost the whole time. Fun! Finally, I gave Linus my camera and Miles my cell phone, and that pretty much kept them quiet the rest of the time. (Too bad I only figured that out at about mile 4. Alas.)

But I got some pictures…

After the race:

And Linus took some too!

After the race, George picked us up, and we went home. Put the boys down for a loooong nap while I took a little one myself.

That evening, we took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood and to a friend’s crawfish boil. They weren’t thrilled with that, either, until I found some jambalaya and they did the baby bird thing while I fed them. I really wish I could have stayed longer, a lot of our friends were there. Such is the life of a parent, eh?

Is it awful that I didn’t do anything for the boys for Easter? No baskets, no gifts, nothing? I didn’t even take them to get pictures with the Easter Bunny. Hmm. Next year.

We went to my mom’s house for lunch. Put the boys in the outfits my sister sent them. Plaid shorts absolutely kill me. Love them.

Note the classic Miles stance here (in orange)

This picture of Miles makes my heart melty:

Oliver has not let go of this tennis ball since he stole it from Ren’s on Friday:

Trying and failing to get a picture with Daddy

Oliver talking to the geese:

Even though their backs are turned, I love this picture

Had steak and asparagus and mashed potatoes. Yum.

Slept in (til 8!) and then started working. The house needs major decluttering, and I worked mostly on the living room and our bedroom. Made some good progress. It’s a good feeling. Put together the sand and water table, hosed off the Cozy Coupe and cleaned up the little chairs they’re going to use with the IKEA table, whenever that gets here. George mowed the lawn and set up their little outdoor play area. Aw!

George mowing the lawn. That area there is where the boys play.

I washed the car. Hee! Silly.

And now, my nice long 4 day weekend is over. But Kristina’s coming tomorrow, so I don’t mind!

A few edits

So after reading yesterday’s post, George said I made a few errors. Understandable.

– I didn’t get him to come into the u/s room, the tech did. That makes sense.
– He wasn’t sitting, he was standing during the ultrasound.
– When telling us the news, the tech said something more like “I don’t know how to tell you this…but you’re having triplets.” While I believe George, I feel like I’d remember if she said something like that. Because I know if I heard the words, “I don’t know how to tell you this…” I probably would have freaked out before hearing the rest of her sentence. But who knows.

Very minor things, but of course I want to have the most accurate story written down, right?

One fateful morning

Even though it’s been nearly two years since the fateful day, I don’t think I ever posted on my blog the detailed story of how we found out we were having triplets. It’s still pretty vivid in my mind, after all this time, so I think I will post it now. Just so I have it written. Since this is as close as the boys will ever get to a baby book. Heh.

It was June 6, 2007. A Wednesday. I was 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

I’d already had an appointment with my OB three weeks prior, when I was just four and a half weeks pregnant. At that appointment, I just talked to the doctor, he did an exam, and I had some blood tests done. It was confirmed I was indeed pregnant, but that was it. No ultrasounds or anything (not that there would have been anything to see at that point.)

So that first ultrasound. My OB did ultrasounds on all of his pregnant patients at around seven weeks to rule out ectopic pregnancies. It was a morning appointment. George came with me. I was so nervous, because I hadn’t had any morning sickness yet. I didn’t feel pregnant at all. We’d just gotten back from California, and the memory of the noodles we’d eaten at a restaurant in Chinatown made me kind of queasy, but that’s it. We went through the drive-through of a McDonald’s on the way there so I could get something to drink and George could get a bite to eat. I was far too nervous to eat. I remember thinking as we sat in the drive-through line, “boy, I hope it’s not twins.”

We got to the doctor’s office and signed in at the ultrasonographer’s office. I was nervous. So nervous. It wasn’t a long wait, but it might as well have been hours. Finally, I am called back. George had to wait in the waiting room during the ultrasound, but he would be allowed to come back after the tech had taken all measurements and such.

I’d heard you were supposed to have a full bladder for this early of an ultrasound but fortunately, the technician said I wouldn’t need to, so she let me use the bathroom before we got started. Soon enough, I was up on the table, and the ultrasound began.

I couldn’t see the screen, and the technician was quiet. Very quiet. Every so often she’d ask me to hold my breath while she clicked things on her keyboard and moved the wand around. A few minutes in, she asked, “have you had any morning sickness?”

I replied, “no,” and assumed the worst. Why would you ask such a thing? Clearly, it was because there was no baby in there. I stared at the ceiling tiles and just willed her to tell me already. Just give me the bad news. I was prepared. Just stop torturing me. But she continued to click and scan and have me hold very still.

After an eternity, she asked me to go get George so he could take a look. At this point, I was somewhat relieved. She didn’t seem to have terrible news for us, and she wouldn’t ask George to take a look if there was nothing good to see, right? So I went and got him from the waiting room.

{{At this point, my memory is somewhat foggy. You can understand, right? Shock does that to you.}}

We walk in, and as I go to sit back on the table, she says something that will change our lives forever.

“You’re having triplets.”


I just remember at that point, completely withdrawing into myself. The entire world shrinking to the size of a pea, I don’t know, was I blacking out? Utter and complete shock. I don’t know. I laid back on the table and grabbed George’s hand. He was silent. He was sitting. I don’t remember if he said anything. The first things that ran through my head were terror and disappointment. I was scared. I wasn’t supposed to have multiples! I wanted a natural childbirth, a fun stroller, cloth diapers, breastfeeding. I could see all of these expectations of parenthood slipping away.

High-risk pregnancy. Bedrest. Miscarriage. Premature babies. It was scary. I was not excited. I think I cried a little. Or I wanted to.

Then the tech asked us if we wanted a recording of the ultrasound. I said yes, of course. George looked through his wallet for ten dollars. He gave it to her and she put a DVD into the machine to record the rest of the scan.

And you can watch that part for yourself…

After the scan was done, we had to go upstairs to my OB’s office to talk to him. We sat in the waiting area and I could see nurses peeking into the room, staring at us and whispering to each other. Oh yes, the freak show had begun.

We went into his office, and he said, “oh yes, I thought your uterus felt big at your last appointment.” Ha ha!

But then we talked about the dangers. Possible complications. “Don’t tell anyone it’s triplets until you hit twelve weeks.” And then there was, “you were built for a triplet pregnancy!” And George’s favorite, “Go. Have a drink. Both of you. I don’t normally tell my patients this, but Pam, have a glass of wine. Let it sink in.” In a daze, we left the office and got into my car.

“We’re going to need a minivan.”

We headed to the pub. It wasn’t even noon, but our friend James, the owner, let us in and served us our drinks. Of course we told him. I called my mom. She laughed. I called my friends. Most of them didn’t believe me. I couldn’t blame them, I barely believed it myself. I went back to work and informed my coworkers. It was a surreal day.

And two days shy of six months later, the boys were born. ๐Ÿ™‚

16 months old

Another month…going by so quickly. Honestly, this one went by in a flash. Usually, at about a week before they turn “x months old”, I start saying they’re “almost x months old” when people ask. But this time, I was kind of surprised that it was here already. Time is speeding up…

They just keep…growing! And learning!

Some new things:

– Walking is getting much better. I predict Linus will be the first to run.
– When you ask what an elephant says, they put their arm up, next to their ear, like an elephant’s trunk.
– They can also “sssss” like a snake, but they seem to have no clue what cats or dogs or cows say. ๐Ÿ˜›
– Eating is going okay. Blueberries are their newest most favorite food ever, and even crackers aren’t a surefire hit anymore. But they’re doing okay. I just have to keep trying new things.
– One nap a day now. Booooo hoooo!
– Still love love love love love books. Almost would rather read books (I mean, make US read books) than play with toys.
– Though Oliver does love balls. He kicks and throws them and loves for us to dribble them.
– Last month, I turned them forward-facing. I wish I could have rear-faced them longer, and I know I could go back, but I think they’d be mad. I turned them FF because of some practical reasons, and the mommy guilt has kicked in. But oh my god, it’s so much easier to get a kid in the third row when they’re forward-facing.
– Linus has been throwing full-on temper tantrums. It’s kind of funny, but I know it won’t be for long. I think it’s time to investigate some books on toddler discipline. I’ve heard good things (from other triplet moms) about Love & Logic and 1,2,3 Magic. We’ll see.

In other news, we had our neighborhood garage sale on Friday. I got burned to a crisp (despite putting on sunscreen) but on the bright side, I made enough money for a Wii! And a Wii Fit! I got the Wii on Saturday and the Wii Fit should be arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’ve already been playing Super Mario Brothers (yes, the old 1985 version – we downloaded it) and I don’t think I’ll need any other games. I’m re-addicted to it, just like when I was in 8th grade. Hmm.

Yesterday was our triplet group Easter Egg Hunt. I co-hosted it at a park in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun…for everyone else. I mean, I had fun, but the boys were not in any mood to run around with other kids. They just wanted Mommy and Daddy to hold them. Sigh. But it was so darn cute to see all the triplets (and quads!) running around.

We also introduced the boys to bubbles. Oh my. They were absolutely entranced by them.


Hi! I am Linus!

Hi! I am Oliver!

Hi! I am Miles!

April Fool’s! That’s really Miles, then Linus, then Oliver.

Okay, that was lame. But just a preview of things to come, I imagine. Aren’t you just so excited for the day that they can switch places on us? And I’m sure it won’t be only on April 1.

But never fear, I have gotten quite good at telling them apart. So there will be no fooling Mommy!

Here is an easy diagram of how to tell the boys apart at a glance. Well, except for Oliver. Heh.

There. Now I expect that everyone will be able to tell them apart from now on.