Busy weekend!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy! Kristina was visiting from Wednesday – yesterday, so there was lots of stuff to do, not much time to write about it. We went to the zoo and the park on Saturday, then French Quarter Fest on Sunday. All fun, all exhausting.

Other stuff…

– Got the boys harnesses so at some point in the far-off future, we can go places and they can walk. I just figured I would get them used to wearing them. They’re animal backpacks, and the (detachable) tail is the “leash” (ha ha!) They loooove the animals, but being on the leash part? Not so much. It’s pretty funny. 😛

Miles with his monkey. And you know what I love about this picture? I don’t know that it’s Miles because of what he’s wearing, but I just know it’s Miles! I’m getting really good at telling them apart. 🙂

Miles holding the tail while Linus wears it:

A few pictures…

At the park. We just let them run. Oliver had a little ball that he would throw…then run and pick up. Then throw…then run and pick up. Over and over and over again. It was v cute how single-minded he was in his task. In this picture, it looks like Miles (in orange) is about to intercept the ball. Uh oh!

At French Quarter Fest, someone kindly retrieved the ball for Linus. Hee!

And some cute videos…

5 thoughts on “Busy weekend!

  1. Helen

    We have the same leashes! I crack up every time it looks like the boys are “walking” each other but never manage to catch it on camera. Well done 🙂


  2. Heather Mott

    You have by far the cutest triplet boy names I have ever come across. I think they are the cutest thing ever too. I have 4 month old trip boys and I have already started the monthly pic on the right column so I got a huge kick out of seeing yours. Wow. Such cute kids..really cute kids.


  3. Kris

    Just had to write a quick note- love all the new pics and video. I was thinking about harnesses for my trio – how is it going?


  4. Maria Carlson

    Hey, you got the boys harnesses! You’ll have to share how the boys do with them. I know Misty U uses them for her quad girls and so I’ve thought of getting them for our quad girls, when we’ll need them.

    Cute pics of the boys, as always 😀
    -Maria from TC


  5. Lani

    So I am scrolling back to do research on you hehee…and I saw that you have these leashes too! I just got the same ones, though we havent used them outside yet:) We should do a house swap sometime, we wouldn’t have to bring any baby stuff because we have all the same stuff:)Harnesses High chairs, play yard, choo choo.


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