16 months old

Another month…going by so quickly. Honestly, this one went by in a flash. Usually, at about a week before they turn “x months old”, I start saying they’re “almost x months old” when people ask. But this time, I was kind of surprised that it was here already. Time is speeding up…

They just keep…growing! And learning!

Some new things:

– Walking is getting much better. I predict Linus will be the first to run.
– When you ask what an elephant says, they put their arm up, next to their ear, like an elephant’s trunk.
– They can also “sssss” like a snake, but they seem to have no clue what cats or dogs or cows say. πŸ˜›
– Eating is going okay. Blueberries are their newest most favorite food ever, and even crackers aren’t a surefire hit anymore. But they’re doing okay. I just have to keep trying new things.
– One nap a day now. Booooo hoooo!
– Still love love love love love books. Almost would rather read books (I mean, make US read books) than play with toys.
– Though Oliver does love balls. He kicks and throws them and loves for us to dribble them.
– Last month, I turned them forward-facing. I wish I could have rear-faced them longer, and I know I could go back, but I think they’d be mad. I turned them FF because of some practical reasons, and the mommy guilt has kicked in. But oh my god, it’s so much easier to get a kid in the third row when they’re forward-facing.
– Linus has been throwing full-on temper tantrums. It’s kind of funny, but I know it won’t be for long. I think it’s time to investigate some books on toddler discipline. I’ve heard good things (from other triplet moms) about Love & Logic and 1,2,3 Magic. We’ll see.

In other news, we had our neighborhood garage sale on Friday. I got burned to a crisp (despite putting on sunscreen) but on the bright side, I made enough money for a Wii! And a Wii Fit! I got the Wii on Saturday and the Wii Fit should be arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’ve already been playing Super Mario Brothers (yes, the old 1985 version – we downloaded it) and I don’t think I’ll need any other games. I’m re-addicted to it, just like when I was in 8th grade. Hmm.

Yesterday was our triplet group Easter Egg Hunt. I co-hosted it at a park in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun…for everyone else. I mean, I had fun, but the boys were not in any mood to run around with other kids. They just wanted Mommy and Daddy to hold them. Sigh. But it was so darn cute to see all the triplets (and quads!) running around.

We also introduced the boys to bubbles. Oh my. They were absolutely entranced by them.

10 thoughts on “16 months old

  1. Monica

    Happy 16 months!! You are all so cute! Bubbles will keep them busy for a long time. Just wait until they want to hold the bottle and you have bubble solution everywhere!!


  2. Marie

    Happy 1 year + 4 months L,O,M! I love to hear about all that they are doing…always gives me fun stuff to look forward to! I want a Wii too…good idea using garage sale money…maybe that’s what I’ll do! πŸ™‚


  3. Helen

    Time flies when you’re having fun!

    What a great idea to have an egg hunt for your triplet group. I should pass that idea along to our triplet group!


  4. Heather

    Hey there, happy 16 mo. Sounds like you are all doing super well. That kicking Oliver is doing rocks! That’s one of the two year old skills I’ve been working on with the kids at work. Way to go!

    We tried those Special K crackers last week and the kids loved them. Whole wheat, no high fructose corn syrup and they taste like a mix between wheat thins and graham crackers. Maybe Linus, Oliver and Miles might like those. We’re also huge fans of the flavored triscuits here. Over the last two months I’ve also offered a lot of different soups. One loves them, the other could care less. But they both always try because the soups are usually different – and they love the opportunity to practice scooping, although as messy as that gets with twins, I imagine your three boys could scoop up a nice mess!

    Love the blog. Take Care, H.


  5. Wendy

    Love the bubble pics. The temper tantrums are funny- at least still funny to me too. We have to try pretty hard not to laugh when one of the girls gets angry, and goes to find a piece of carpet to lay herself down on and cry. Aaah… babies. Wait, babies or… kids?? stop growing… please!


  6. Julie F.

    The boys are so darn CUTE! You’ll love your Wii Fit. I got one for Christmas I just wish I had more time to use it. It’s soooooooooo much fun.


  7. Melissa

    They are so cute!!!! I love the pictures, they look so happy with the bubbles! I used to work in a daycare for 9 yrs and Bubbles were my LIFESAVER on many days!!! I had between 7-10 1 yr olds yes I said 7-10, and as you can imagine they were all having meltdowns, I would grab the bubbles and in an instant they would stop crying and be amazed with the bubbles.


  8. amymarie

    Could you leave the car seat in the middle facing backwards (and the others on the sides facing forward)? Then it would be easier to buckle up AND they would get to see each other and ‘talk’? I don’t know how these triplet things work, so it might not be a good idea…


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