Oh dear.

I am a good wife. A v v v v v good wife. Not only did I go see some guitar dude in concert a couple of years back (my idea of hell – and I even bought the tickets!) with George, but tonight I’m going to see the new Star Trek movie. Oh man. I am a good wife.

At least there will be popcorn involved, right? And the theaters here do sell daiquiris, so I guess it won’t be all bad.

Ha ha, just giving George a hard time (though, honestly, I’d rather sit through Star Trek ten times than that concert again. And do you know what a good wife I am? I didn’t make him go see Morrissey with me.)

I would love to post some cute pictures of the boys, but alas. I haven’t taken any lately. Oh wait, how about this one? I took Linus shopping with me yesterday to go get a gift for my friend Laurie who just had a new baby girl. We stopped by Petco to get some food for the cat, and Linus got to giggle at the gerbils. He looks so old in this picture. Gaah!
Linus likes the gerbils

Mother’s Day is Sunday. We’re going to hit the zoo. And then maybe grill afterwards. We’ll see. I just want to go somewhere to eat with the boys. IHOP is the most likely place, since it’s okay if they yell there. And they do love pancakes. Hmm.

PS Did you vote? Don’t forget to vote! #4! LOM! You don’t have to register or anything, just click on #4 and “vote”. Easy!

5 thoughts on “Oh dear.

  1. Heather D

    The theaters sell daiquiris? Oh, that is awesome. Just the popcorn would convince me to go. Hell, who am I kidding? Just the thought of being free from my kids for a few hours would convince me to go. Have fun!


  2. Natalie

    Ish. Wife of the year for putting yourself through that movie! I do stuff like that all the time, too, though. What we do for our men, right?!

    Linus is precious!


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