17 months old! (And our weekend)

The boys are 17 months old today. How did the time go by so fast? No idea. Next month they’ll be 18 months old. Only a month older, but it seems like such a big milestone. Crikey.

Now, onto a recap of the weekend. Friday afternoon, while we’re getting ready to put the boys to bed, my friend Alicia calls. She’s the one with the quad girls who share a bday with the boys. She has two free tickets to the Zoo-to-do, a really fancy fundraiser at the zoo here. I think the tickets are $150 each or something. Free food, free booze, and it’s a lovely evening, so I agree. Even though it means I have to shave my legs for the first time in god knows how long.

I get dressed, go to her house, and we head to the zoo. Oh man! It was amazing. Tons of restaurants (I mean, maybe 100? or more?) had stations set up around the zoo with food and drinks. The good stuff, too. Alicia’s husband is the executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton here, and he was there at the Ritz’s table, so he got us the tickets. We ate our way around the zoo, and I had a few fancy drinks. (Alicia’s pregnant with her fifth girl, so I had to drink for three. I kid. Sorta.)

Anyway, even though I was tired and still slightly sick from my cold, I had a great time. That was fun.

Not fun was not sleeping well that night, having babies crying all.night.long, and getting up early on Saturday with them. Alas.

Saturday was okay. Nothing terribly exciting. After the boys took their morning nap, we took them to the park to run around. But it was hot and sunny and there are stinging caterpillars everywhere at this time of year, and they were cranky, cranky, cranky. So that was kind of a bust. Went home, put them down for a nap, and they wouldn’t sleep, even though they were exhausted. Miles just screamed. I went and got him after about 10 minutes, and the front of his shirt was soaked from tears and drool. (Did I mention they’re getting what appears to be all four molars at once? I just loooooooooove having identical triplets who get all their teeth simultaneously!!!!!!! Nooooo I’m not being sarcastic who meeeee??)

So we said, screw the nap, and went for a walk. They had fun running around outside at our friend’s pizza place, but there were still plenty of random tears. Sigh. Went home, put them to bed. Linus wouldn’t sleep. He was inconsolable. Finally, for the first time ever (maybe, I think), I rocked him to sleep. Okay, not rocked, but he went to sleep on me, and I put him to bed. This is what one misses out on by having triplets.

Oh yeah, I also trimmed the back of their hair. I did an okay job. At least it doesn’t look as scraggly now.

After they went to bed, I went grocery shopping. Man, I was just beat.

Had some crying babies again that night, so no good sleep for mama and daddy, either.

Sunday, the morning was fine. I made pancakes with applesauce and cinnamon in them, and the boys ate them up. I also gave them yogurt with blueberries, and I let them go to town with their spoons. It was a mess. After their nap, we walked to our friend’s pizza place (yes, again), and had “breakfast”. Really, it’s breakfast food at lunchtime. Lots of friends were there, and the boys had fun playing and eating lunch. We weren’t sure what to do for the rest of the day, and some of them were heading to an air show at a Navy base nearby, so we decided to take the boys.

Even though we literally parked at one end of a runway and had to walk the entire length of it (pulling the wagon) to get to the air show (and back) and the boys were terrified by the loud airplanes, and I didn’t have earplugs for anyone…it was pretty fun. At least we weren’t going stir-crazy inside the house.

Last night’s sleep was punctuated by more Linus crying. And of course, when I went in their room this morning to change them, Oliver and Miles (who slept fine) were crabby, and Linus was a little ray of freaking sunshine. Kids!

And now, some pictures!

We let them go in our room this morning. It’s normally off-limits. Can you tell they were excited?

We’re also teaching them how to go up the stairs. With us right behind, of course.

The wagon at the airshow with the sun umbrellas I got for it

At the park with Daddy

We saw a lot of this, this weekend. Sigh.

Cool dude with sunglasses

Last week at daycare, I dressed them alike one day. I never do that.

11 thoughts on “17 months old! (And our weekend)

  1. Helen

    Hey! Do those umbrellas stay put on the Choo Choo? Can the boys pull them off? They look great!

    And I can TOTALLY commiserate with you on the teething thing… We’ve taken to walking around with burp cloths again so that we can mop up the unbelievable amounts of drool. (The boys are all working on their canines – all 4 of course.)


  2. erincooks

    I have identical twin girls who get teeth at the same time as well! I’ve always wondered if it’s that way with identicals, but keep forgetting to ask other mom’s. Good to know. I am not looking forward to molars.


  3. Katie

    I am not sure how I found your blog, but your boys are absolutely gorgeous! I get such a kick out of their pictures. Beautiful babies…


  4. Melissa

    sorry I hit enter too soon. The weather here is finally decent and I hate them having to be in the sun too much. It is amazing how much I can relate too, I have never rocked a baby to sleep, the boys all love to climb the stairs and then go nuts to get into our bedroom before I can get up there to stop them. My boys have been working on their molars, luckinly we have never had any drool.
    I cannot believe they are almost 1 1/2!!!


  5. wendyleigh

    Poor cranky dudes. Poor cranky P! Mine get their teeth at the same time too–has to be an identical thing! How thrilled was DC when the boys showed up in the same outfits? teehee. Precious as ever.


  6. debi b

    OMGosh! I am exhausted reading this and I have 9 kids! PHEW!
    Not much worse than cranky teething babies 😦
    Hope they get their molars soon and give mama a good bit of rest 🙂


  7. Becky@oursweetpeas

    I LOVE that there are other kids that still use their newborn binkies. Although, my son is two and it has begun to jack up his teeth. Oops, we are working on that.

    We saw a different doc than usual recently and she asked if THAT was the one that he got from the hospital “yeah, lady I’ve just kept that one for the past 2 years, OY!” Anyways I had to explain that thankfully stores carry them now. It was kind of funny!

    I haven’t been to your blog in AGES and saw you in the blog list on the nest so I thought I’d pop in. The boys are ADORABLE!


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