Weekend recap

Weekends, they are no longer the relaxing things they once were. I won’t expound on that, Linda over at All & Sundry does a much better job of it.

But it was a fun weekend, at least. Really fun. I took the boys to Ren’s house where we hung out with her girls and Kristie, who was in town visiting family. So they had more kids to play with, and a whole house to explore. Full of toys! Fun! And buttons to push! Gaaaah! Buttons!!!

And Elmo to watch!

They had haircuts, too. Oliver before:

Oliver after being butchered.

Me and my boys:

Aunt Renny has Cookie Crisp at her house. She is the best!

We went to Barnes & Noble at one point, where we gave the kids chocolate chip cookies.

Miles enjoyed his:

Hanging out with Chloe:

And I think for the next few posts, I’ll answer one question from the Question Post at the end of every entry. Here is today’s:

Amymarie asks:

I wonder where you get all your baby ’stuff’. Do you buy it new…or do you get stuff from multiple networks, or a combo? I just can’t imagine buying three of everything (like the recent picture of the boys in the water toys).

Let’s see…well, when they were teeny, a lot of it was gifts from my baby showers. Also, I have very kind friends who loaned me a lot of equipment like swings and bouncy seats and such. Since the boys were born right before Christmas, we got a lot of clothes for them then, too. (Since we didn’t find out what we were having beforehand, I didn’t have a ton of clothes for them before they were born.)

Now, I get their clothes from consignment sales, clearance racks, and a lot is from a BBB triplet clothing exchange group I belong to. And my mom and sister like to buy them clothes too. And I buy at the end of the season for the following year, so a lot of the stuff they’re wearing now is from a super awesome sale Old Navy had last summer. (Ditto to the water floaty things – I bought those last year at the end of the summer clearance sales.)

Now what I really need are three portable booster seats (I’m sick of trying to feed them while they’re wandering around when we visit friends and family) and I’m going to have to shell out the $20 x 3 that they cost. Blegh. It’s times like this when triplets are really expensive. (Kudos if anyone can find me those cheaper somewhere…)


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  1. Did you check the weight limit on those? E. Bauer has a similar (and much more expensive) one and the limit is 30 lbs. You can save a little cash by using BRU coupons?


  2. I got my son his booster seat from Walmart about a year or so ago. I couldn’t find it on their website…but I swear that it only cost about $10-12. It wasn’t anything special…but it did the job. It was plastic…but they do stack on top of each other. Just thought that you may want to check it out. Good luck!


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