Fishy fishy fishy!

Last night I gave the boys fish for the first time. I was expecting some pursed lips and an “uh-uh” from Oliver and Linus, and a taste, at least, by Miles, but I was pleasantly surprised that they ate it all up! I have to thank my friend Alicia for that idea. And the ginormous box of corn flakes on the counter that I used for the breading. I oven-fried the fish (catfish) and oh man, is this turning out to be the most boring post ever?

But the boys are really liking looking at fish in tanks, and how confusing is that? Fish are entertainment and food! Hmm.

Tomorrow is July 1 (thank goodness I remembered yesterday that June only has 30 days, not 31 because today is the last day of the month which means I have to go to the gym today to renew my membership and take advantage of the special they’re having right now) and I’m going to try something new in July. Grocery budgeting. Definitely inspired by Helen‘s Saturday Savings posts. Also, a desire to get a handle on what we’re spending on food. Fortunately, it’s not very much, since we get WIC which provides us with milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, juice, and for some mysterious reason, evaporated milk.

So yesterday I went and bought a Sunday paper, and I clipped out the coupons. Then I went and looked at the Winn-Dixie sale ad to see what is what, and then I got really confused and went and ate a popsicle instead.

But I’m going to try. And since diapers won’t be in the food budget (I think household supplies will be, but not diapers, because $250 a month including diapers will mean a lot of beans and rice for dinner, and I’m not really a fan) I want to make a budget for them, too. Thank goodness Target diapers are good. And cheap.

Question time! What’s left? Hmm…
shoo shoo asks…

how did you choose the boys’ names? they are great individually and together. do you feel they’re appropriate for their personalities?

I think I addressed how we chose the names here, but here’s something I didn’t mention. I named them wrong. See, we picked which name would go with which baby based on their “in utero” personalities. At least, that was my criteria. But after they were named, I discovered that A in utero was not A on the outside. And same with B and C. So in utero, they were:
A = Miles
B = Linus
C = Oliver

and we named them
A = Linus
B = Oliver
C = Miles

which means that Miles should be Linus and Oliver should be Miles and Linus should be Oliver. Or something like that.

But now, I think their names fit. So no biggie, really.

how big is your home and do you plan to have the boys continue to share a room?

Our house is 1700 square feet. Not huge, not tiny. But it’s two-story so there’s some wasted space there. It has three bedrooms now – we recently walled off a room to make a new bedroom for us so the boys could have our bedroom as a playroom. Ah, the sacrifices we make! So yeah, the boys will be sharing forever. When we found out all the babies were the same sex, my first thought was relief that they could share a room forever. Heh.

what was the best reaction you received when announcing the news you were expecting triplets?

Probably either from my mom, who just laughed, or my best friends Kristina and Ren, who thought I was playing a trick on them. I called Ren to tell her, and she didn’t believe me. So she called Kristina, who I hadn’t told yet (I was going to email her the u/s pic and tell her that way) and said, “Is Pam really having triplets?” and Kristina said, “no, just one!” and Ren said, “Ha! I knew she was joking!” and then Kristina called me and asked if I was having triplets and I said…okay, I forget what was said at this point, but whatever the case was, they didn’t believe me. And I showed them! Ha!

5 thoughts on “Fishy fishy fishy!

  1. Meg has a friend who clips coupons from the Sunday paper for two grocery stores and CVS drug store. She particullarly watches for the buy one get one free sales. She also gets coupons from some web sites. In Atlanta the grocery stores double coupons up to $.50 (they don’t do that here) . She is very organized about it and time spent making her list and getting her coupons sorted is about 1 1/2 hours. She saved $69.00 on her grocieries last week. She is having a tutorial at her house on Sunday for her friends. Call Meg and ask her to take notes.


  2. Ok, I have another question for you, since I’m dying of curiosity…
    What were the 3 girl names you had picked out for the babies?

    Good luck with the coupon thing! I have been trying to do it for months now and I am still confused, lol. I end up clipping coupons and buying stuff I don’t really need just to save money on it…really. Or I would forget the darn coupons at home.
    Some day I’ll save money!


  3. We clip coupons as well. What we do it clip any and coupons that we will use or want to try and wait for it to go on sale (we look at the ad every week). We usually decided what we’ll have for dinner by what is on sale. is good for additional coupons that you don’t have to clip out. I think we save on average $30/week. Its takes awhile to get use to doing it so don’t give up right away. Good luck!

    Glad the like fish! Its good for them! 🙂

    Love Target diapers too!!


  4. Not a regular reader, but I felt the need to comment. Three boys in one room is not a problem. I have three brothers (although not triplets – age span of 7 years) that shared a bedroom from the time the youngest was in a crib until he was in high school (and I moved out leaving an empty bedroom).


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