Linus, in Linus

How cute is this shirt? A friend sent it to me for Linus. Now if only there was an Oliver shirt (Kristina and I imagine that it would be the body of an orphan, holding an empty bowl of porridge) and a Miles shirt (a jazz dude holding a trumpet?) then we’d really be set.

8 thoughts on “Linus, in Linus

  1. Jamie Cz

    Too Cute!!! We will gladly send you our dogs…Franklin and Lucy (both Peanuts characters) that way you will have an entire collection! : ) Only kidding, becuase you would just send them back! haha! Love the blog…I am sure I have said that before, but it is just the honest truth!


  2. Andrea

    It’s from target – my sister bought it for my son (who is just a few weeks younger than your boys!).
    I’ve been reading for a while but probably never posted – maybe I did though.
    Anyway, my youngest would fit right in with your boys (you know, minus the identical thing). He loves Elmo and Gabba (babba as he calls it)
    They are adorable and it is a fun age but Oh MY I can not imagine the tantrums times 3!!! Seriously – do they ever all get going at once? Do you hide a corner and cry (or drink)?!! Good thing they’re cute most of the time right?


  3. Sara

    Ack — I’ve totally missed a TON of posts!! Stupid google reader! Anyhoo, LOVE the shirt! ๐Ÿ™‚ Linus looks adorable in it!


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