Holiday weekend recap

Okay, it’s now finally time for me to recap last weekend. Let’s see…

Well, we had Friday off work, so that was awesome. In the morning, I got the boys started on their future as a boy band…

And then later, my friend Mary Catherine and I took her daughter, Millie, and the boys to the Children’s Museum here. They have a great huge area for toddlers with slides and a play kitchen and climbing stuff and a train table and all sorts of goodness.

Unfortunately, it seems I have not uploaded those photos to Flickr yet, so I can’t show a lot of pictures from that day. I can, however, share this cute video of Millie calling for Miles, and then the boys all squeezed together in a little cubicle thingy. Better than nothing, I suppose.

After playing, we dropped Linus and Oliver off at my in-laws to stay the weekend. I kept Miles and commenced pretending like I was a normal mom with one kid. We went to Target and the grocery store, and it was SO EASY!

The next day, Miles and I packed our stuff and headed across the lake to spend the day with my friend Ren. She was child-free for most of the weekend, so Miles got a lot of attention. We went grocery shopping again for stuff to bring to her mom’s house that night, and just hung around her house. It was v relaxing, particularly when the little dude went down for a nice, long, nap.

That evening, we went to her mom’s house and swam and ate yummy food and watched some fireworks that they set off. It was really nice. There was even some singing of patriotic-type sounds. Miles liked that.

We stayed up way past our bedtime that night, Miles didn’t get to bed until 10! Thankfully, he slept until 10 the next morning, so I was able to get a full night’s sleep. And so then we went home the next day and later went to pick up his brothers.

We went to hang out at the Gulf Station (our friends’ pizza place) where the boys proved that they really should have their own band. Except I think they all want to play the guitar…

I guess their friend Liam could be the lead singer. And I guess it’ll be a punk band. Hmm.

Finally, we worked on getting their monthly picture done, but Linus was more interested in learning how electricity works.

Nice, relaxing weekend. Ahhhh….

4 thoughts on “Holiday weekend recap

  1. Erin

    When the boys go to your parents, where do they sleep? Do they sleep well there? My girls only sleep well in their cribs. My parents moved to a new house, and they refuse to sleep there. Not for naps, and not for bedtime. It’s made it difficult because we can’t stay overnight, but also because my parents can’t take them overnight either!


  2. pyjammy

    @erin: at my ILs, they have their own room! three pack n plays, a changing table, bookshelf, the whole nine yards. not to mention high chairs, toys, a play area, etc. so we don’t have to bring anything when they stay there.

    when i go to my mom’s, i bring 3 pack n plays and set them up there. i guess since they’ve been doing it for so long, they’re good at sleeping in other places. whew! πŸ™‚


  3. Aubrey

    Now that my little one is 2 some days are almost “easy”. Do you ever have days where it seems easy or at least easier than when they were newborns? Do you ever get to relax? How do you make time for yourself?


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