T minus four days and counting…

I know I signed up for this half-marathon a while back, but it only really occurred to me the other day that I was going to have to walk (and run a little bit, just so I don’t get left behind and someone will get to see the back of my shirt) thirteen (point one) miles in just a few days. Hmm.

Thirteen miles is actually kind of far. Especially since I started thinking about the route. It goes all the way up St. Charles Avenue to Audubon Park, around Audubon Park, and then back up St. Charles. And that’s not the whole thing! St. Charles is a long road, people. But at least it’s very scenic. There is that.

And even though it’s not advised, I’m bringing an iPod and planning on filling it with good stuff to listen to (not very loudly, of course. So I can hear the cars honking behind me to go faster!) Some music, some podcasts. I’d really really love to listen to a Bill Bryson book, (he’s my favorite author) but I don’t think that really has enough “oomph” to keep me going. I think Beyonce might be better.

Any suggestions on what I should listen to, musicwise? That will keep me motivated?

3 thoughts on “T minus four days and counting…

  1. Lisa

    I ran a 1/2 marathon before and the only thing that got me through it was the music – it was a Rock ‘N Roll marathon race so they had bands every few miles.

    If they weren’t there then I would have had my ipod playing some old school Madonna (b/c I will always luv her), Kelly Clarkson and Pink (b/c they are angry) and Rusted Roots (b/c they are happy)

    Good luck – you are going to do great!


  2. Lilac

    Hi, Ive never commented before, but Im a lazy runner so I wanted to tell you a few songs I listen to that get me going. Snap – I’ve got the power, Snow Patrol – Chasing cars , various Kings of Leon, MIA – Paper planes, Lion King songs for some reason and Mika. I know how hard a run can be so I hope it helps. Even just a little bit πŸ™‚


  3. Amy Higby

    You can do it, Pam! I ran 4m tonight…that’s a 1/3 of your race. Just go slow…and don’t stop. Keep moving. And don’t stress about the iPod. When I did the Long Branch Half…EVERYONE had an iPod. I can’t wait to hear how great it goes.


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