Nablopomo huh?


So I’ve decided to take part in this thing I’ve seen before…Nablopomo. National Blog Posting Month. Yes indeed. It just means I have to post every day this month. I think I can do it. You think I can do it? I’m not saying you’re going to get really long posts every day, but you’ll get somethin’.

I still have so much to post about from the weekend. Like Halloween! And it’s November 3, so if I don’t post it today, it’s going to start looking pathetic soon. No one wants to hear about a holiday too long after it, right?

Fortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to say, other than we had a lot of fun. As with Boo at the Zoo, Miles and Linus wore their hats and Oliver politely declined.




The hatless one declines to give five:

Nevertheless, it was fun. We walked around the neighborhood with friends and trick or treated. I think trick or treating has to be the best thing about being a parent. You remember how sad it was when you got to be too old to trick or treat, right? Well, have kids and you get to do it all over again! At least until the kids learn what’s going on. I wonder if next year I’ll be able to get away with it again? Hmm. I guess they’ll want to do it next year. Anyway.

Sunday morning was picture day! My most awesome wedding photographer, Sandra, came over with a friend to take pictures of the boys again, and it definitely wasn’t as easy as last year. Oh man. The boys, they were not very cooperative. Not to say they weren’t cute, but they were not following direction very well. (I sound surprised, right? I prefer to think I’m just overly optimistic about their direction-following ability.)

Fingers crossed we got something for a Christmas card. The thought of doing this again makes my head hurt.

I guess we could use a picture from last year. It’s not like the boys have changed much or anything….


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  1. Yeah! I just got finished reading Fussy and was all, “I can’t believe it’s November (Nablopomo) already. Go Pam!


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