My kids are goons.

I mean, is there anything more fun than putting your plate up to your face? Apparently not. At least there wasn’t food on it anymore…

110609 129

Also, you like seafood? (Oh wait, that joke doesn’t work as well in print. See-food? Linus’s mouth? See? Oh forget it.)

110609 127

110609 133

Not only are plates fun, so are curtains.

110609 140

But you know what’s not fun? Winter jackets. Not fun.

110609 121

In other fun picture news, my cousin Lisa sent me some old pictures she recently had digitized. Heh. I’m guessing these are from 1983ish. Not sure.

Me and my favorite doll ever, Jessica. We wanted Cabbage Patch Kids and were just devastated when we got these homemade dolls that my mom made. But that disappointment lasted all of ten seconds. I loved Jessica, and my sister loved Clothilde. We later got real CPKs and I never really bonded with Harmony Lindy. Sorry, kid.


And here is my sister, my brother, me, and my cousin Lisa. Look, it was the 80s. But you can still laugh at Evan.


And one of my handsome Daddy:



Comment away, everyone! Remember that I’m doing Cans for Comments for the rest of the month. Already, I’m going to have to raid the soup aisle at the grocery store. Great job!


11 thoughts on “Goons.

  1. My kids find their plates fascinating too! Unfortunately, it seems like mine don’t care whether there is food on them or not when they turn them over and put them on their heads or in front of their faces!


  2. My boys do the same thing with those plates from Ikea. I think they like the color they change everything! Great pictures.


  3. I had a lame homemade CP kid too! I never really liked mine and held out my love for the real thing (which I got for Easter that year). I now appreciate my mom’s effort on the doll 🙂


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