Linus coloring (or “cuh-nuh-nuh” as the boys say.)

One of their favorite things to do. One of my least favorite is picking up the millions of crayon pieces that litter the playroom floor.

2 thoughts on “01/10/10

  1. Esther

    Hi! I just found our blog and had to tell you that your boys are amazingly handsome and cute! I went back in history to learn more and truly, it’s a pleasure seeing their photos! I mean, the photos that you take of them!
    You know what I would like to ask you, if you don’t mind, is: what do you feed the boys or how do you achieve such impressive weight gains with them? My fraternal boys are so incredibly skinny (17 and 18lb at 16 months) and I am having the hardest time getting them to gain…due to such little eating. I want them to be past the zero percentile in weight sometime soon! (born at 36 weeks at 4lb6oz).
    Anyways, I look forward following your blog and learning more about you guys…Take care and nice to meet you! Esther
    PS: I almost had triplets, by the way. Pretty sure that they were fraternal triplets…but blessed with twins now!


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