Linus in his blue jacket with his blue eyes. I still wonder…how in the world did I end up with blue-eyed children? (No genetics lesson needed, I mean I know why…but still, it’s weird!)

4 thoughts on “01/12/10

  1. Elizabeth

    i love this post! i’m a mom of twin boys and i love that you only give you boys a bath a couple of times a week! i’m the same way, and like you i don’t know what life would be like w/ just one! i love your honesty and that is why i read you daily and can relate to all that you say!!! many thanks!


  2. Esther

    AMEN! So true…sometimes you just have to do it the way that it fits…I “only” have twins and I know that it can be so challenging at times. Truly, I cannot imagine one more 16 month old right now, but I also know for sure that I would just manage it. The same way that I found ways to manage twins. You just do it and that’s it.
    Thanks for the honest and funny post! 🙂


  3. Tobi

    I always wonder the same thing about my girls and their blue eyes. I have dark brown eyes and my husband’s eyes are blue, but not nearly as blue as the girls’ eyes. Genetics are a crazy thing.


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