Chloe and Miles, sitting in a tree…

(or, on the floor at Ren’s house. Whatever.)

9 thoughts on “01/23/10

  1. Kristin

    Ha ha, I see he now has Strawberry Shortcake in hand. Thats different! Its good to mix it up!

    Those pics in your flikr stream right now (the Saints shirts) are KILLING me! OMG, cuteness overload!


  2. Megan

    Hee! He’s looking at you like “Not now, mom, you’re cramping my style!”

    Didn’t even notice the DVD case until someone pointed it out…love it!!!! 🙂


  3. Amy H

    Pam, I’m SO behind on reading blogs that it I’m down to 1/23 and it’s occurred to me that you might be posting a picture a day in 2010!?!?! I’m slow. REALLY SLOW! (Go Saints, btw!)

    What I love about this picture (the kissy one) is Miles’ expression. It’s like he’s saying, “what on earth is she about to do? seriously, mom. You’re taking a picture? help a fella OUT!?!?!?”


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