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Today the boys played with Granny and Grandpa while I ran and walked 13.1 miles. Woo!

The race was pretty good. Better than the one I did in October. I shaved 7 minutes off the time I did back in October, which of course I’m pleased about.

It was a gorgeous day, and the course was different than in the past, so that kept it interesting. The most exciting part was seeing this couple from the current season of Biggest Loser…and then beating them!

We saw them being interviewed at the start of the race, and then I had to use the bathroom and so I didn’t see them again until about mile 6, when I passed them. And then they ended up right behind me, and she saw my shirt (make sure you click to see what the back says) and said “oh wow, triplets!”

So even though she’s the evil one this season, it was pretty cool because I love that show. Dork.


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Not my favorite picture of me, but it’s so rare to get a picture with all three boys! This was at the race expo for the Mardi Gras half-marathon tomorrow.

And yes, there are binkies here. The boys have been, shall we say, a little grumpy lately. Whatever it takes, man.


02/26/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

One more crappy cellphone picture. A rare picture of Mommy and one of her boys! Oliver, in this case.

Tell me again how I ended up with blond, blue-eyed children?

So proud of my chatterboxes!

I got a call yesterday from our Early Intervention case worker, and she reported that the boys no longer qualify for speech therapy! In fact, they scored above their age in every category except for one, and in that one (which I don’t remember what she said) they were at their age.


And honestly, I don’t know how much speech therapy helped, since they only got it from June – October, when their speech therapy inexplicably stopped showing up. Nice, eh? But she did teach them to sign, and that helped for a while for sure.

If you spent a few minutes with them now, you’d have no doubt that their speech is fine. But it’s nice to have it confirmed by a professional.

Of course Oliver doesn’t need words. His face says it all… (in this case, “mo’ wogurt?!”)


Today I have another video of the boys. I love hearing the boys chat in the car. (I don’t like hearing myself, but what can ya do?)


02/23/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Well. This is just sad. I got my new Droid phone today so I’ve been playing with that instead of taking pictures, and this is one of the few I took with the phone. And it’s the best. Sad. I promise I’ll take better pictures tomorrow….


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This is going to come out all wrong. I wanted to put the boys in pink (or red) in memory of Sydney and Carynne, but as you can imagine, they don’t have any pink clothes. Nor red. But pink is their favorite color. So instead, I have Oliver pointing to his pink sippy cup, holding his DVD case with the sheet of pink paper I slipped into it.

Remembering Sydney and Carynne

It was a year ago today that my friend Brook and her husband Jake lost their sweet baby girl Carynne to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a mere month after she was diagnosed. She was six months old. The next day, Carynne’s identical twin sister Sydney lost her battle with the disease.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of this family. Brook is one of the bravest women I know, and I’m looking forward to meeting her and Jake in person in a few weeks when they come to New Orleans. I can’t wait to give her a big hug in person.

SMA is the #1 genetic killer of young children, and it needs to be stopped. Please go sign the Petition to End SMA so a cure can be found before more babies are lost.


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Oliver (foreground) watching my mom and Larry feed the fish in the pond behind their house. Hmm. Fish theme this weekend. Weird.

Never a moment of silence

The other day, the boys were re-evaluated for speech therapy through our state’s Early Intervention program. As recently as a couple of months ago, I was sure they still needed it. Well, not anymore.

They talk all.the.time. And I love it, but man, sometimes I wish I could get into a sensory deprivation chamber. Or get noise-cancelling earphones. Whatever.

Some of the things I’ve heard them say lately:

I cook dinner (in their play kitchen)
That funny! (Oliver)
I fix it (generally DVD cases)
Good night! (instead of “nigh-night”)
Good bye! (instead of “bye”)
I got bo-bo (and then I must kiss it.)
Pam! (yes. They have been calling me by my name.)
I give Gill Nemo! (Mr. Gill is the daycare director. They have to give them their DVDs when they walk into school, and they like to tell me on the way to school how they’re going to give him Nemo or Cars or Poppins or whatever DVD they have.)
Mama jacket off! (I must remove my jacket upon entering the house.)

They are constantly narrating their world. They like to point out colors, letters, numbers, what they’re wearing, what you’re wearing, what’s on TV, what they see.

I’m so happy that they’re not really delayed in their speech anymore. But if anyone has a spare set of earphones, send ’em my way.

A few pictures from this weekend….we spent it at my mom’s house.

Linus loved his baby cousin’s play mat:
Linus playing

Baby cousin was slyly giving me the finger.
Ellison giving me the finger

The boys loved running around my mom’s backyard:


Linus and Oliver playing the piano:

Miles found a disturbing new doll. Okay, it was mine in college.


Oliver found another one of my old dolls. Not quite as weird.