The DVD cases never leave their side when they’re at home (they even sleep with them) but they know that they have to give them up as soon as they walk in the door to daycare. Same with binkies. Why can’t it be that easy for me?

8 thoughts on “01/14/10

  1. Kristin

    Ha ha, your boys and their DVD case obsession is hilarious!!!

    And on the school thing, beats me. I used to be the teacher and they kids would willingly do all the stuff my current own offspring will not. Its magic, I guess. School magic. Teacher magic.


  2. Sarah

    One of twins is addicted to his pacifier and won’t touch it at all at daycare (except for nap time). If I try to take it from him, he screams bloody murder and clamps down on it so hard, I don’t even try anymore! I do love the DVD thing with your boys – very cute!


  3. Emily

    My oldest always willing gave up his pacifier when we got to the sitter’s house yet at home he has a meltdown when I take it. We take DVD’s everywhere but my son has a fit if I take the DVD out so none of our DVDs will play without a quick wipe to get all the toddler yuckies off.


  4. Uncle Chris

    Awww. I love their little hoddies. I want the orange one in my size! And, I suddenly want to go bright shiny DVDs for the boys! (for the cases, natch…)


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