DVD cases, an obsession

A post my coworker Rachel wrote about her daughter carrying around a lemon with a face reminded me of when the boys were two and carried around DVD cases everywhere. They even slept with them. (In my memory, they called them “doobie-doo cases” but that might have just been Ren, actually.)

In retrospect, it was pretty cute, but it was maddening at times, for sure.

The dark side of obsession

So all three boys are sick right now. Nothing huge, but there’s coughing and wheezing and because of this, I slept with my ear more finely tuned to the sound of crying toddlers last night.

Well. At about 1:00, I was jolted out of a nice slumber by the sound of hysterical crying. I’m still not great about telling who is who over the monitor, but I had a feeling it was Oliver. Maybe a nightmare? Or he was having trouble breathing?

Heart pounding, I raced out of bed into his room and unzipped his crib tent.

(Here’s where I really, really wish I had a night-vision camera or something, so you could see for yourself.)

Oliver was sitting up, clutching the DVD case in one hand, and the cover in the other. He couldn’t get the cover back in the sleeve, and by golly, who can sleep when a DVD cover is out of its case? (Kinda like this)

No one in our house, obviously.

So I put the cover back in, and he laid right down and fell back asleep.

Pardon my French, but you gotta be shittin’ me.

Best part?

He did it again half an hour later.


02/22/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

This is going to come out all wrong. I wanted to put the boys in pink (or red) in memory of Sydney and Carynne, but as you can imagine, they don’t have any pink clothes. Nor red. But pink is their favorite color. So instead, I have Oliver pointing to his pink sippy cup, holding his DVD case with the sheet of pink paper I slipped into it.

Never a moment of silence

The other day, the boys were re-evaluated for speech therapy through our state’s Early Intervention program. As recently as a couple of months ago, I was sure they still needed it. Well, not anymore.

They talk all.the.time. And I love it, but man, sometimes I wish I could get into a sensory deprivation chamber. Or get noise-cancelling earphones. Whatever.

Some of the things I’ve heard them say lately:

I cook dinner (in their play kitchen)
That funny! (Oliver)
I fix it (generally DVD cases)
Good night! (instead of “nigh-night”)
Good bye! (instead of “bye”)
I got bo-bo (and then I must kiss it.)
Pam! (yes. They have been calling me by my name.)
I give Gill Nemo! (Mr. Gill is the daycare director. They have to give them their DVDs when they walk into school, and they like to tell me on the way to school how they’re going to give him Nemo or Cars or Poppins or whatever DVD they have.)
Mama jacket off! (I must remove my jacket upon entering the house.)

They are constantly narrating their world. They like to point out colors, letters, numbers, what they’re wearing, what you’re wearing, what’s on TV, what they see.

I’m so happy that they’re not really delayed in their speech anymore. But if anyone has a spare set of earphones, send ’em my way.

A few pictures from this weekend….we spent it at my mom’s house.

Linus loved his baby cousin’s play mat:
Linus playing

Baby cousin was slyly giving me the finger.
Ellison giving me the finger

The boys loved running around my mom’s backyard:


Linus and Oliver playing the piano:

Miles found a disturbing new doll. Okay, it was mine in college.


Oliver found another one of my old dolls. Not quite as weird.


As if falling down some stairs wasn’t bad enough, as I was pulling out of my parking space at work yesterday, I totally scraped the corner of the bumper of the car next to me.

Ugh. It looks pretty bad, but hopefully it won’t cost too much to get repaired. Of course my car is fine – I wish my car had gotten scraped up and the other car had been fine. I’ll be driving mine forever, so I don’t care about a few scrapes.

Fortunately, the woman who owned the car is very nice and is being cool about it. But still. Not what I needed.

And to top off the spectacular day, Oliver woke up screaming at 11:30 and would not go back to sleep. Not until we brought him to bed with us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t sleep well next to a two year old. At least he slept. Last time I brought him to bed with us, he tried to talk to me about his DVD all night long.

It wasn’t all bad, though. We found out we’re closing on our refinance on Friday (woo!) and our friend Lindsay came over to work on wedding invitations (I love that kind of stuff) so we watched Biggest Loser and drank wine while cutting cardstock and punching holes in stuff.

Lindsay helped George pick out my engagement ring many moons ago, so it sort of feels fitting to be helping her with her wedding stuff now. And she was George’s best woman. Awww!

And the boys were in good moods at dinnertime. They ate PEAS! That’s TWO green vegetables they’ll eat!

They danced after dinner, but that’s hard to get pictures of. But it’s cute. Speaking of dancing, I got a call from daycare yesterday that Linus bumped his head in a freak dancing accident with Miles. Hee hee! (He was fine.)