The dark side of obsession

So all three boys are sick right now. Nothing huge, but there’s coughing and wheezing and because of this, I slept with my ear more finely tuned to the sound of crying toddlers last night.

Well. At about 1:00, I was jolted out of a nice slumber by the sound of hysterical crying. I’m still not great about telling who is who over the monitor, but I had a feeling it was Oliver. Maybe a nightmare? Or he was having trouble breathing?

Heart pounding, I raced out of bed into his room and unzipped his crib tent.

(Here’s where I really, really wish I had a night-vision camera or something, so you could see for yourself.)

Oliver was sitting up, clutching the DVD case in one hand, and the cover in the other. He couldn’t get the cover back in the sleeve, and by golly, who can sleep when a DVD cover is out of its case? (Kinda like this)

No one in our house, obviously.

So I put the cover back in, and he laid right down and fell back asleep.

Pardon my French, but you gotta be shittin’ me.

Best part?

He did it again half an hour later.

12 thoughts on “The dark side of obsession

  1. Samantha

    Wow! I have to laugh though. My kids have become hoarders and one is obsessed with having something in each hand. Where do they pick these things up?


  2. Beth

    I feel your pain. Bryce loves his burpy cloth (yes, don’t ask me how that started). If he doesn’t have it draped over his face while he’s sleeping he also wakes up hysterical. All you have to do is find it and cover him up and he’s good to go 🙂


  3. Erin

    Holy cow that is funny!!!! Sorry, I do feel your pain. If one of my kids binky falls out somewhere that they can’t see it..they FREAK out until I go and find it. And of course, the binky is usually right next to them.


  4. Catherine

    Snort! Sorry, I feel your pain. Since we moved the boys to big boy beds, EVERYTHING that they could hurt themselves has been removed from their bedroom, including hard toys and books used to beat eachother up and nightlights that plug into the wall because they can reach the plugs. They don’t like the dark, so we have a battery powered light hanging high up on the wall that they can’t reach. Being battery powered, it sometimes dies unexpectedly, in the middle of the night. If they wake up and notice, one of them (usually William) starts crying and carrying on. We fix it and then the same kid will cry and carry on because his pillowcase is wet from where he slobbered on it while crying over the light. Sigh.


  5. Mandy

    Oh no – about the DVD case and the Sickies. Annabel and I have some nose-cough-wheeze thing going on and I still haven’t decided if it’s a cold or allergies because of all the pollen. I hope you and your guys feel all better soon!


    1. pyjammy

      Yeah, until he gets frustrated that he can’t take the stinking cover out of the stinking case! 😛


  6. amymarie

    How about this — you glue one cover into the case that can not come out. Then, you put on top of that a photocopied cover of the same thing. So, he can take out one, but then there is still one always inside? I know, this might cause even more upset because – GAAA two covers – the world just tilted on its axis!


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