Happy 14 Months!

My sweet boys were 14 months old yesterday! Monthly pictures are getting harder and harder, though. My friend Teresa came over last night to help out with the boys since George had to work late, and she and I managed to get a cute picture of them.

14 months old!

My sweet boys! They’re doing so much now.

– is sooooo close to walking. I keep saying that. Sigh.
– had an ear infection this month in spite of his tubes. Sigh again.
– is being somewhat unusually clingy to me. I don’t really mind.

– loves to say “Uh-oh!” which is painfully cute, and while I shouldn’t encourage him dropping things and saying “uh-oh!” it’s just too cute. So I do. I encourage it.
– also loves to say “cat”. Sometimes to the cat, sometimes not. But I’m pretty sure he knows that what a cat is.
– is a picky eater. my most picky. seems to be getting better, though.
– seems to be terrified of unfamiliar men right now. both Kristina’s husband and my uncle made him scream, just by being near him. It really was hilarious (and nothing personal, Mike and Uncle Bob!)

– eats anything and everything
– cracks himself up when he makes silly sounds with his tongue
– loves his toothbrush! (okay, tonight was the first time we tried it, and he loved it. that’s why it’s in the picture.)
– loves to splash in the bathtub (ditto to above comment.)
– v close to walking. i’m sure of it.

They’re all:
– “talking” on the phone (or the rattle, or the car, or whatever is handy) which just kills me. So cute.
– dancing
– getting into little spats, mostly over toys. oh joy!
– making each other laugh. makes up for the fights.
– wearing size 4 diapers, size 5 at night
– rolling balls and throwing them

This is such a fun time. I’m really loving it. And I know people say I shouldn’t wish for this, I can’t wait for them to start walking. I’m ready. Anytime now, boys! 🙂

And now for some outtakes from the photo shoots (yes, we had to try twice yesterday to get these pictures.)

It was just so hard to get this month’s picture. Some outtakes…hee hee!

From this morning’s attempt…
Linus and Oliver flanking a hissy-fit-throwing Oliver. He’s soooo dramatic!

Linus is camera-obsessed.

Then we tried it with me holding the boys. That didn’t quite work either. 🙂

Okay, I’ll stop now. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Happy 14 Months!

  1. Heather

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I think you are doing an amazing job with the boys. I had to comment on this months picture. It looks like one of them told the most hysterical joke ever and they are all falling over themselves laughing. That picture is priceless!


  2. Shannon

    So adorable! They really are growing up, aren’t they? I think a dentist could probably use some of those toothbrush pictures for the cutest “brush your teeth” ad campaign ever. (PS This comment after lurking so long is part of my own campaign to start commenting more on my favorite blogs. Keep up the great work and amazing pictures!)


  3. sarah frenznick

    so cute! my trio love their toothbrushes too, they seem to think it is hilarious when i try and brush their teeth, it tickles i suppose, so they laugh and laugh and don’t stay still so I don’t know how well their teeth are actually getting brushed but hey i try!


  4. Willa

    Pam, they are just about the cutest babies I have ever seen! I love the updates of what they are doing…..each is different!!! I still don’t know how you tell them apart!


  5. chris

    OMG. This made my day. They are such little hams. I love it. My favorite pic is the outtake with toothbrushes and mom. And, I do believe Tee was somewhat responsible for those great smiles! =)


  6. rachael

    they are NOT 14 months old. are they?

    well, regardless they are cuter than ever pam. i love the outtakes, too funny! i also adore (and encourage) the uh-oh game. it is too cute!


  7. Helen

    Cute, cute, cute!!

    I had a hard time getting pictures too until I tried something new…. I sat them somewhere they NEVER get to sit. They were so excited to be on top of the chest in the living room that they sat still long enough to take pictures!


  8. jenny

    We are going to have to give them baths with Emily. Does mom have a big enough tub? She will teach them to walk.


  9. Lisa

    I LOVE the monthly photos. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to even do that with my twins until I saw yours. We’re starting late, but we’re trying. This months was the cutest yet!


  10. Grandee

    I am so excited about seeing most of my babies this weekend. I wish Ellie could be here. She would keep them in line and have them reading before she would leave. Emily will have them walking for sure.
    I am blessed to have 5 adorable g-kids. Me and Larry are attemping to get the house kind of baby proofed.


  11. shnootre

    I don’t get in here nearly enough – gosh, if our future promises one tenth of the cuteness evidenced herewith, I’ll be satisfied!



  12. Marie

    I’m late I know, but I’m finally finding time to comment. Happy 14 months boys! Wow, how the past year has flown by. I can’t believe my girls are about to turn 1 and when they do, yours will be 15 months! YIKES! Hey, we survived right?!! LOL!

    As always, my envy of your trio pictures. You rock!


  13. Sarah

    Pam – they are just too cute! I was showing my girls some pictures and videos of your boys over the weekend and they loved them. They were laughing hysterically.


  14. maria carlson (from TC)

    i’ve been checking out your blog, pam, for a while and i just have to say that your boys are the CUTEST!! really!!! i love their dimples and they are always smiling. what sweet joys there!!

    just wanted to share that 😀
    -quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy


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