Never a moment of silence

The other day, the boys were re-evaluated for speech therapy through our state’s Early Intervention program. As recently as a couple of months ago, I was sure they still needed it. Well, not anymore.

They talk all.the.time. And I love it, but man, sometimes I wish I could get into a sensory deprivation chamber. Or get noise-cancelling earphones. Whatever.

Some of the things I’ve heard them say lately:

I cook dinner (in their play kitchen)
That funny! (Oliver)
I fix it (generally DVD cases)
Good night! (instead of “nigh-night”)
Good bye! (instead of “bye”)
I got bo-bo (and then I must kiss it.)
Pam! (yes. They have been calling me by my name.)
I give Gill Nemo! (Mr. Gill is the daycare director. They have to give them their DVDs when they walk into school, and they like to tell me on the way to school how they’re going to give him Nemo or Cars or Poppins or whatever DVD they have.)
Mama jacket off! (I must remove my jacket upon entering the house.)

They are constantly narrating their world. They like to point out colors, letters, numbers, what they’re wearing, what you’re wearing, what’s on TV, what they see.

I’m so happy that they’re not really delayed in their speech anymore. But if anyone has a spare set of earphones, send ’em my way.

A few pictures from this weekend….we spent it at my mom’s house.

Linus loved his baby cousin’s play mat:
Linus playing

Baby cousin was slyly giving me the finger.
Ellison giving me the finger

The boys loved running around my mom’s backyard:


Linus and Oliver playing the piano:

Miles found a disturbing new doll. Okay, it was mine in college.


Oliver found another one of my old dolls. Not quite as weird.

5 thoughts on “Never a moment of silence

  1. LauraLynne

    I don’t have triplets – but I do distinctly remember the day that it went from “oh cool – she’s talking” to “dear God, will she ever shut up?” (the answer is no – she’s 16 now and has a LOT to say). The blessing was that she was her own commentator. She would narrate EVERYTHING she did – so even if I was in another room, I could hear exactly what she was up to!!


  2. Megan

    Ooh, I want a sensory deprivation chamber too. I wonder how much one of those things costs?

    Isn’t it funny how we worry and worry about speech, and then once they start talking it’s like OMG, make it stooooooooop. Ha! I’m the same way with my crew.


  3. Tena

    James has been calling me Tena. We were at Border’s yesterday and he kept turning around saying “Teeeenaaaa…Neeeenaaaa” and I told him that if he didn’t call me Mama I wouldn’t talk to him. Stinkers.

    I love the narrations!


  4. Catherine

    Love it. My boys will actually tell on themselves now, which I find hysterical. For example: Me: “William, why is John crying?” William: “Wee-yum bit John”

    Replace “bit” with “hit,” “took blankie” or any other number of transgressions and the names are interchangeable as well, but this gives you one of the more common conversations in my house right now.


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