Gimme a click!

There, now that we got that out of the way…

Can I tell you how excited I am for this weekend? That’s because I’m gettin’ rid of the kids! Yep, they’re going to Granny and Grandpa’s house, for the first time in eons. (Granny’s been sick, but thankfully she’s feeling better now.) We even get to do Christmas, three weeks late. I do love Christmas, so getting to do it again so soon is pretty exciting.

But mostly I’m excited that I get to SLEEP LATE! And go out with my girlfriends tomorrow night (please let the Saints win tomorrow so the city is in a good mood!) And maybe even go to the gym! George and I were talking about going to a movie…TOGETHER! This is almost too much.

Now let me post a few pictures. I’m proud to say I’ve been using my DSLR a lot more lately, because of the 365photos project. And I’ve even been shooting in manual every now and again. Maybe by the time December rolls around you’ll be able to see improvement in my pictures.

Linus with his favorite letter…W. And M. It’s a W! Turn it over and it’s an M! Too, too exciting.
(At first, I thought this was Miles. Then I realized Miles was wearing a different shirt yesterday. And then I thought it was Oliver. But then I saw the Shrek DVD and realized it was Linus. See, those things are kinda handy!)

Someone just finished crying.

Binky…check. Extra binky…check. DVD case…check.

2 thoughts on “Gimme a click!

  1. Jen & The Amazing Trips

    That is so hilarious your little ones carry around DVD cases. My 2-year old does, too. I have to pull out the movies because otherwise, they’ll be destroyed in a flash.

    We’re also hooked on the binky – which he calls a bucky. Which is making him a little bucky, so I’m trying to limit the use. But if I’m popping the bucky, I must be prepared with a distraction. Which is typically a DVD case.

    His idea of absolute bliss is a bucky AND a DVD case. While sitting on my lap and rubbing my ear. I love two-year-olds.


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