Our fun weekend

This weekend, I took the boys to visit Ren and her girls. It’s so fun to have a friend who:

– lives not too far away, but in another town so it’s like an escape
– has a guest bedroom for ME ME ME
– has room for my three children
– has a two year old child (and an older one too)
– loves my children
– cooks yummy food
– lets me sleep in when we stay over
– has a pool in her neighborhood
– has a cool family (seriously, sometimes I feel like an member of her extended family)

and so on and so forth. I highly recommend you get a Ren of your own.

Saturday morning, we arrived to an empty house. Ren and her girls were grocery shopping. The boys had fun ringing the doorbell.

(I’d insert a cute picture here of the boys ringing Ren’s doorbell, but somehow I didn’t upload it. Just imagine.)

Then they got home, and we had lunch and the kids played inside.


After lunch, we played in the driveway. The boys played in a bucket of water, while the girls “washed” my car.  Everyone got popsicles!

And then Ren put the boys down for a nap (another reason I love her, she can get the boys to nap!) while I ran to Target to get diapers. After naptime, we went to the park. The kids played in the sand most of the time. (Just getting them ready for our beach trip this summer.)




Later, we put the kids to bed and Ren and I stayed up and watched TV and drank wine and ate dessert.

Sunday, we hung around the house for a while until it was time to go to Ren’s dad’s house for crawfish. The boys wouldn’t eat it, but that’s okay. More for us! They had a blast playing with the basketballs and the chalk and the bubbles.
Miles playing in the curtains at Ren’s house:
Here's Milesy!

at Ren’s dad’s house:
Miles drawing



And while we were there, I took some lovely pictures of Ren and her girls (Not to brag or anything…)

And then we went home, and the boys played with Daddy and went to bed without a peep of protest! Now that‘s the perfect end to a great weekend!

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