Nice evening

We live in an awesome neighborhood. During the summer, they have a weekly concert series somewhere in the neighborhood, so we took the boys last night. The weather was perfect (well, as perfect as summer in New Orleans can be) – it had rained all day so it had cooled off a tiny bit and it wasn’t too humid.

We walked down there…

…ate some pizza…

…drank some juice…

…Miles looked on at people suspiciously…

…Linus got a sweaty fauxhawk…

…new toys were played with…

…and we listened to the music.

So then, it got better. My friend Terry and her family moved back to New Orleans this week! After four years away, I’m so glad they’re back. They have two daughters who are four and six, who were just babies when they left.

And today, Kristina’s coming to visit! So I’m going to bring the boys to the airport to pick her up. They’ve been talking for days about going to see Kiki and the airplanes. Fun!

6 thoughts on “Nice evening

  1. Carrie

    We just bought our boys the same toys – the little Buzz Lightyear and the little Woody. So cute!



  2. Deanna

    Sounds like fun! We have a local outdoor concert series too, but I just can’t brave the heat. We’re going to McDonald’s to play on the air-conditioned playground today! I love that picture of Miles’s suspicious look!!


  3. Cindi

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I’ve been reading it since before you had the boys.

    They are absolutely adorable! And they’re growing up WAY too fast. Can you please slow that down a little??


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