Miles: Soooo, I hear Mom’s taking away our binkies tomorrow.

Linus: No $#!@, really?

2 thoughts on “07/02/10

  1. Dodge34

    You will be surprised, I guess around 2-3 nights and they won’t ask for it again, and you can offer something else (blanky or similar) to replace it, I just hope you got a trick like the binky fairy I suggested for them its a lot easier.

    Anyway Good Luck


  2. Cheryl

    Bye Bye Binkies! We went cold turkey with our two…that first night was rugged, but after that, MUCH MUCH easier. (Didn’t even need a “substitution” of a blankie or anything else….)

    Will be wishing you all well in the passing of the pacis.


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