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Every once in a while, I like to reminisce. I am kind of a digital packrat and love to go back and look at old pictures. (Okay, I’m a packrat in real life too. I’ll admit it.)

We’ll start off with October 2005 (Don’t have many pictures from September, as it was all Katrina evacuation time.) Here’s one of my goofier bridal portraits. Not the one hanging in my living room. 😛

Now let’s go back to…September 2006! Oh, here’s a picture of my mom and my adorable, sweet niece, Ellie. Can you believe she just started kindergarten? Yeah, me neither.

September 2007…I was 20 weeks pregnant with the triplets, and I bought some of my first baby clothes. I didn’t know we were having boys, but I think maybe deep down I did know. These aren’t exactly girly…
From Aunt Jenny

Okay, now we’re getting into the more fun times..September 2008. The boys are nine months old.
Playing during Gustav
Okay, technically this is August 31. The boys are playing at my mom’s house with our friend Liam. What you can’t tell here is that the power is out. We had evacuated right into Hurricane Gustav’s path. Back at home, our power never even went out. Sigh.

Oh, this is fun! Last year at this time, I was with Miles in Virginia visiting my sister and my best friend. Here’s Miles holding a package of girl’s Yo Gabba Gabba underpants that I was suckered into buying. Because, well, it was kind of cute how fixated on them he was.
My goodness, I can’t believe how young he looks!

And now September 2010. Oliver!