Swinging – then and now

I’ve mentioned that the weather here has been gorgeous lately. Like, disgustingly gorgeous. We’ve been to a park nearly every day this week. If not a park, then our backyard because I want to take full advantage of the low humidity and relatively low temperature.

And so I’ve gotten pictures this week of all three boys swinging, and then I remembered the pictures I took the first time they went on the swings at our neighborhood park. And then I thought it’d be fun to compare them.

Linus then:

Linus's first swing!

and now:

Linus swinging

Oliver then:

Oliver's first swing!

and now:


Miles then:

Miles's first swing!

and now

Miles swings

All together now…”awwww!”

3 thoughts on “Swinging – then and now

  1. Mandy

    It is crazy how much the big boy photo looks like the baby photo! It’s also crazy how the big boy photo looks more like the baby than the other big boy photos!! This from me whocan only tell them apart when they wear different shoes ;}


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