Catching up

I have some pictures from the past week or so that I haven’t posted, and yeah, you know I can’t not post them, right?

From the birthday party on Saturday…
Miles eating cake the way it should be done:

Miles and Linus making goofy faces against the side of the bouncy:

And then we went to Ren’s house, where the older girls made place cards for dinner:

The next day, we went to the park, where they played. And Miles got stung by a bee. 😦



Yesterday, we went to City Park so I could take some pictures of my cousin Eli for his senior portraits. Awww…I remember when he was a baby! I won’t post any of the pictures here, though, because I’m sure the last thing a 17 year old boy wants is to have his picture on my blog. I say, “boy”, but my boys were calling him “the man”. Hee hee!

Playing at the park:



And that brings us to today. We’re bringing the boys to Granny and Grandpa’s after work today because I am going to Boise for the weekend for work. That should make for some interesting photos!

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