It’s that time of year…

…the time of year I start reminiscing about the end of my pregnancy.

Let’s see. December 2, 2007. I was done. I had PUPPPPPP (can never remember how many Ps to put in there) and I hadn’t slept well in days. My back hurt, I was swollen, my hands were numb, I was a miserable blob. My BP was creeping up, as was the protein in my urine. I had been in the hospital for a week and I’d read every magazine and watched everything on TV. I was done.

I hit 33 weeks that day, and within the past few days, I’d seen a baby in the nursery who weighed four pounds. She looked pretty big to me, and the boys were estimated to weigh at least that much, so I felt okay doing what I did the next morning…begging my doctor for a c-section.

He agreed, and the operating room was booked for December 4, 2007 at 6:30 am.

A few pictures from my hospital stay…

The inflating leg cuffs and TED hose. Fun! There’s my belly at the bottom of the frame.
Hot legs

Home sweet home for two weeks!

My last “official” belly shot of my pregnancy. (I took one every Sunday)
33 weeks

The night before…dear god, this is horrific.
right before the triplets were born

right before the triplets were born

Man, I was not one of those attractive pregnant women. Ha ha! Good times. I looked so bad that every time I’d go for a follow-up appointment at my MFM’s office, the doctors and nurses would say, “holy cow, you look SO GOOD!”, not because I looked good, but because I’d looked so bad before. Heh.

5 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

  1. Carrie

    I love these!! I think you look pretty darn good considering little Oliver, Miles and Linus were in there wreaking havoc on your uterus!!

    Keep these pregnancy posts coming. I love them!



  2. Linda

    PUPPS was a b*tch. Seriously. It’s like a cruel joke at the end of a difficult pregnancy. You did an amazing job cooking those little guys. πŸ™‚ I hope they have a great birthday!!!!


  3. Christina

    Wow! Awesome job Momma. My boys were due Dec 4th. I definitely would have gone for a few weeks in the hospital to be able to cook them as long. I love hearing your story.


  4. Littlewonders

    Love those pics, Pam!! And yes, at my first follow-up appointment the u/s tech didn’t even recognize me (even though I had something like 70 ultrasounds) because I’d look so horrible before :)!


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