NOT a New Orleans Baby Photographer

The other day, I went to my coworker’s house and took pictures of his new tiny baby twins. Identical boys. Hey, does that sound familiar? I work in an office with six total people, and now two of us have identical boys. Crazy, eh?

I loved snuggling these tiny sweet babies, but taking pictures of them was hard. I mean, duh, of course it was. Taking pictures of my nephew was hard, why would I think taking pictures of two tiny babies would be any easier? (I didn’t. It was more than twice as hard, though.) (Now I feel even more empathy towards the photographer who took photos of the boys when they were teeny.)

So without further ado, meet Andrew and Benjamin:






The (mostly unedited) outtakes are even better:

Your breath stinks, bro!
Your breath stinks, bro!

I have a sneaking suspicion Andrew might be a zombie. He spent the whole time licking his brother’s head.
Stop eating my head!

Listen, dude, I gotta tell you something…
Listen, dude, I gotta tell you something.

My word!
Holy cow, Andrew!

Oh, the indignity…
Oh, the indignity.

Now, wasn’t that fun? At least it cemented two things in my head: I never want to be a pro photographer, and I don’t want any more kids. But I do love other people’s babies.

20 thoughts on “NOT a New Orleans Baby Photographer

  1. Gack! They’re so tiny and precious!!! I’m so envious of newborn pics and that’s my biggest regret as a mom.
    They look great Pammers!


  2. i work(ed) in an office with just 10 other people and there is a set of twins too in addition to our trio. we like to work efficiently 🙂


  3. I think they came out really great- especially love the black and white one. Wishing I had done that with my boys!


  4. pammie,
    i think they’re lovely and i really really REALLY think you should continue to pursue this! You could specialize in multiples! Multiples of all ages. Your pictures of the boys are always expertly shot and really heart warming. Imagine if you shared this gift with many more mothers!

    The first couple of times will be hard, no doubt. That’s with everything in life. BUT the next time it will be easier, and then easier, and then easier and then… well you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed.

    So, i vote for you to keep it up! you are very talented and it’s a gift that, with a little time investment, can eventually become a full time career (how COOOOL would that be?

    Love you mama!



  5. I think these are beautiful!!!

    And I can’t believe you aren’t having any more babies! You don’t want to try for a girl? I get that all the time but I don’t mind because I DO want to try for a girl.



  6. What adorable babies! What a great memory for the parents to have. I wish I would have taken newborn photos of my boys to remember how TINY they were. Great job.


  7. what perfect pictures! some of my favorite pictures of christian were taken by you. i hope you cant come snap a few shots of our new little one this year or next. hugs, debbah


  8. Pam, I thought those were the cutest dag blasted photos! Great job honestly …
    Been meaning to ask how you’re feeling since your surgery! I’ve been thinking of you…


  9. Robert, your twin boys are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Pammy, I loved your photography and comments. You are so talented!


  10. Pam,
    You have captured the uniqueness of early life. Andrew and Benjamin plus the rest of the family will have memories to last them their whole lives. God’s blessings to all!


  11. Great photos! You are a New Orleans photographer. Thank you for shring the photos with us.


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