08/17/11 by pyjammy
08/17/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Not taken by me, obviously…

Tomorrow is the boys’ first day of school, and it was requested that we send a family picture. Nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh?

And yes, I look a little manic here, but only because I was trying desperately to keep two little boys from running away.

(The shirts came from Momo Baby Gifts, and they just came in today, so I figured they would be cute in the picture.)

11 thoughts on “08/17/11

  1. Andrea

    Ha! I must’ve completely missed that request. I didn’t send any pictures 😦 I just dropped her off for the first day and she was very happy. Hope your little guys had a similar start.


  2. Pam Johnston

    So cute……will they have to wear name tags for the first part of the school year? How long before the teacher(s) will be able to tell them apart? Again tey just amaze me they are three little adorable boys, you have been so blessed!


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